Top Mistakes to Avoid When Printing Button Pins for Your Business

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Printing Button Pins for Your Business

If you are starting a new business, marketing is one of the areas that need investment. Button pins are one of the most affordable and effective printed marketing tools to use for your business. Even though digital marketing has become largely popular in recent times, print marketing campaigns are still important.

But if you make a mistake with the print materials, it can cost you a little too much. You have to make sure you are not making any mistakes when you are designing custom button pins.

For your convenience, we are going to list the mistakes that you should avoid. Check them out below.

1. Trying to Do Everything All By Yourself

One common mistake that every startup or small business makes is doing the marketing all by themselves. Sure, it might be easy to handle some parts of marketing all by yourself but do it well, you need in-depth skill and knowledge.

If you hire a professional designer to design your button pins, you can create better quality products. The designer you hire can suggest the top formats and show you samples to choose from. If you are inexperienced with printing, taking the help of a printing service will help in saving you money and time.

2. Using Stock Images

Another major mistake that many make is using stock images for their button badges or pins. Chances are someone else might have used it, too. In case you have a business offering services, visual proof can be of great help. It can draw in more target customers to your business.

Images tell a story. The image you are using for the printed promotional tool should interest your audience and engage them. Also, image quality is important. You can use your camera to click a high-quality photo and edit it using any professional editing software. This will give you a professional image.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Image Fonts

Apart from the image, the image format can also have a significant impact on the print. A pixelated and low-quality image can have a big impact on your print marketing campaign. Your round button pins will stand out for the wrong reasons.

Even though some image formats might offer a clear image when you check them on screen, they might not appear the same after being printed on the custom button pins. So, you need to know the type of resolution format you should use if you have to get a clear image.

Also, the color formats used on the printed promotional tool might vary from the ones that are used on a computer screen. Thus, even if an image is looking great on the desktop, you should always test them out in print first. It will help you save a lot of money.

4. Creating a Cluttered Design

You might be tempted to use the small space as much as possible to communicate with your target audience. But this can backfire and lead to overload. Including too many things in the button, a pin can make it look messy. Also, it might become difficult to decipher.

White space is more powerful than you know, especially when it comes to print marketing. It makes the campaign easier to read. This ensures your target audience engages with you more. Your design has to be attractive but make it concise. Your button pin design should make sense. It is crucial that all elements on the round button pins follow the same theme. If you work with a professional designer, you can get it right the very first time. So, you can save money by not redoing it in the future.

5. Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Making spelling mistakes might reflect badly on your business. It will instantly lack credibility. So, before you send custom button badges or pins for printing, it is crucial that you check the copy. Spelling mistakes show a lack of attention and customers might not forgive that.

Bottom Line

Custom button pins are powerful marketing that helps in connecting to your target audience. So, you make sure that you avoid these mistakes to make it look authentic and attractive. A simple design and eye-catching design with the right color combination should do the trick.


Custom button pins printing mistakes can make your break your marketing campaign. Take a look at the top mistakes that you need to avoid when you plan to print a promotional tool for your business.

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