Ultimate Guideline for Creating a Shop Logo

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For logo design beginners, this article will explain the outline of logo design, how to create it, points when creating it, shop logo creation service, shop logo design website. Please use it when creating a logo design.

Logo design is an important factor in determining the image of the shop. For logo design beginners, this article will explain in detail the outline of logo design, how to create it, points when creating it, shop logo creation service, shop logo design website. Please use it when creating a logo design.


From here, this post will explain what the shop logo is, where to use the logo, and why you need the logo.


It is used in various places such as shops, companies, brands, products, and services. Therefore, at a glance at the letters and design of the logo, the design can be reminiscent of the concept and brand image of a company or store.


The shop logo is used in the following places, for example.

  • Shop and company signboards
  • Product and service design
  • Website
  • Shop
  • Flyer
  • Pamphlet
  • Business card

All in all, the logo is used in places that determine the first impression of the customer.

The reason you need a logo is that it influences the image of your shop or company. It is said that humans are more likely to remember when they see figures and images than when they see letters. Therefore, the degree of recognition differs greatly depending on whether the logo is present or not.

For example, without Apple’s iconic Apple logo, Apple wouldn’t have been so recognized. The same applies to the McDonald’s logo. People determine the brand’s image based on the pictures, colors, and images used in the logo.

Using the logo, you can raise awareness of companies, products, and services and have a branding effect.


logo creation service

Advantages of logo creation service

There are two main benefits to using the logo creation service.

You can design your logo as you like

If you use the free creation service, you can complete the logo without spending money.

With the current logo service, even beginners can create high-quality logos. If you have time, please try it.


Disadvantages of logo creation service

On the contrary, the disadvantages of the logo creation service are the following two.

It tends to be a design that lacks expertise and objectivity.

After all, there are some inferior points compared to logos created by design professionals using their specialized knowledge.


Request logo creation

If you want to create a logo design that is highly specialized and more objective, ask for a logo. You can ask a logo creation service specialist or compete with a crowdsourcing service.

If you ask a WEB designer with specialized knowledge directly, you can carefully create from hearing before creation to completion. It’s expensive, but for those who don’t want to compromise.


Advantages of requesting logo creation

The advantage of requesting a logo is that it is easy to generate new inspiration. It will be subjective if you make it yourself, and your ideas will tend to be biased. Another advantage is that it will be a professional design with high quality for everyone.

If you want to create a high-quality logo, you should ask for it.

The disadvantage of requesting logo creation

The disadvantage of requesting a logo is that it is relatively expensive. In crowd-sourcing, the market price is hundreds of dollars or more, but it may cost more in some cases.

It also takes time to find a contractor or designer to request. It is also important to research in advance the vendors and designers who will create the logo that matches your image.


If you don’t have to pay to create a logo, use the online logo makers to create your own logo.

For example, one of the best online logo makers, DesignEvo, allows you to create your own full-scale logo. DesignEvo offers more than 10,000 logo templates in 34 categories, including mobile logo templates, children logo templates, beauty logo templates, pets logo templates, etc., so every user from all trades could easily find the fitted logo templates to customize. There are plenty of templates, and it’s easy to operate, so why not give it a try?

Also, if you make your own from a blank canvas with DesignEvo, it will take time to select a design and enter text and icons, so it is for people who have a relatively long time.


There are two merits of making your own logo. The one is that it doesn’t cost much money, and ” and you can design it as you like. DesignEvo online logo maker mentioned above can be used free of charge.


On the contrary, there are two major cons of making your own logo.

  • Some logo creation services are paid services.
  • You need to think about the design from scratch

You can use it for free at first, but some services will be charged in the middle. Also, if there is no design image, it may take a lot of time to create the design. Thus, it may take longer than expected to complete.


When making a logo, it is necessary to decide the target, size used, color, etc. It’s also important to make sure it doesn’t look like a well-known company.


What is the target of the logo? Is it suitable for men or women?

Design concepts differ depending on whether the target audience for companies, individuals, products, or services is men or women. For example, men tend to prefer a clearer design. Women, on the other hand, prefer softer designs. In a typical case, even if you hear the same pink color, the pink imaged by men and the pink imaged by women are different.

Therefore, the colors that give a good impression are different for men and women, so please use them properly according to the gender of the target.

Basically, it is recommended that the vertical size is 70px and the horizontal size is 200px or less. If you make the logo size smaller than this, you will not see it, so check the minimum size.

Also, when actually creating a logo, the recommended size is not always the right size, so use the appropriate size depending on the design.


Color is an important factor that is said to determine 90% of the impression. For example, red gives a passionate image, blue gives a calming and calming image, and green gives an image reminiscent of nature. Therefore, it is critical to select a color that matches the image of the shop or company.

If you have your own image or brand color, use that color for your logo design.


Is the logo too similar to a well-known company?

If the logo design is too similar to a well-known company, it may be a copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is judged by copyright property and similarity.

Even if you don’t knowingly model your logo design, it can be a copyright infringement if it’s too similar.



Logo creation is an important factor influencing the brand image of companies, individuals, products, and services. Please refer to the DesignEvo logo maker and points introduced in this article to help you create your logo.

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