5 Hacks That Dealerships Can Use To Open New Locations

Your location will have an impact on the security you require. It may also have an impact on the financing options you will need to offer.

If your new dealership location is going to offer financing, you will likely need a cash collection point.

If you have already chosen your new facility, you need to determine whether or not you will offer a maintenance and repair shop.

There may well be retired mechanics who no longer need full-time work but would like to earn some extra cash in addition to retirement and social security.

As soon as you sign the lease or contract on your new facility, hire a security team to patrol the facility.

A simple addition to the security of your dealership is to upgrade the lighting.

Once your exterior security is in place, you’re ready to start loading vehicles. Power up the lighting around the exterior of your lot so you can show off your inventory

Carefully review the risks to your inventory in your region, particularly if you’re selling used cars. If you’re selling cars in the desert, don’t put them on the lot until the windows are tinted.

A good salesperson can sell almost anything. If you find a sales personality that knows nothing about cars, hire them and train them.