Board Meeting Software: Helping You Prepare for Important Negotiations

Board portal software, or a virtual boardroom, is a digital platform designed to make board meetings more straightforward and effective and improve overall corporate governance

You can easily manage large volumes of corporate documents, create meeting minutes and agendas, and distribute meeting materials in just a few clicks.

All board members can reach a virtual boardroom anytime and from anywhere.

Board management software providers offer end-to-end security processes that allow for keeping users’ data private. The majority of boardrooms are at least ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 compliant.

This tool creates meetings, adds agendas, notifies meeting participants about the scheduled event, and sends invitations.

With such integrations as Zoom, you can conduct board meetings without any extra software.

Reporting features allow for monitoring the users’ activity inside the boardroom and tracking meeting attendance.

With their help, board members can approve and vote on budgets, resolutions, and other important company decisions anytime and from anywhere.

This tool lets you create surveys and questionnaires with the help of templates, customize questions, track progress, and send reminders to all board members.