11 Experts share their favourite & fastest way to finding and hiring the right freelancers

The quickest way to find the best freelancer for your business is to turn to sites like Upwork or People Per Hour.

Freelancers are more flexible and can work on their own time, which makes them more valuable than full-time employees.

Remoters.net is a platform with resources, tips and useful information for remote workers, digital nomads and distributed work teams.

LinkedIn has established itself as the social network for professionals. This is what makes it yet another fantastic resource for finding and hiring freelancers.

Setup an auto reply email which gives this person a number of small jobs to complete so they can move onto the next round.

Your network is always #1 and in the digital era this means more than just people you know in person.

The fastest way to hire freelancers is to find industry related facebook groups and then put up a job listing there.

The fastest way to find the right freelancer is to start with a small trial assignment and see how they deliver.

We have found that word-of-mouth, social media, and websites like Fiverr have been the fastest methods of hiring freelancers.