Flutter vs React Native: What to choose in 2022?

Now Flutter and React Natize have both been used to create successful, high-performance apps in the past. So both frameworks are “good enough”.

React Native while offering close to seamless native app performance is slightly held back by its current bridge that translates JS code to the native programming language

Flutter is written in Dart, which allows you to compile code faster than React Native’s JavaScript.

Remember that when it comes to web performance, React Native is still a clear winner with its strong JavaScript roots.

The comparison between Flutter vs React Native is in reality, a fierce competition between Google and Facebook.

Code sharing / reusing is one of the fastest ways to speed up dev time when building a cross-platform app.

You can also share and reuse code from (or with) your websites and web apps if they are built with React js or JavaScript

The ease of hiring developers is almost as crucial a factor as performance when it comes to choosing a cross-platform mobile app framework in 2022.

Both Flutter and React Native offer fantastic design and visual capabilities