The Cost of Not Getting Enough Rest

Did you know that the amount of rest you get can impact your finances?

Productivity Takes a Hit

When you don't get enough rest, your productivity can suffer. This can mean you take longer to complete tasks

The Cost of Health Care

Lack of rest can also have a direct impact on your health, leading to increased health care costs

Missing Work

When you're sick, you can't work. This means you'll miss out on income if you have to take time off.

Impaired Decision Making

Lack of rest can also impact your decision-making abilities. When you're tired, you're more likely to make impulsive decisions

Shopping While Tired

Have you ever gone shopping when you're tired? You may be more likely to make impulse purchases

Eating Out More

When you're too tired to cook, you may be more likely to eat out or order in. This can quickly add up and impact your budget.

Driving While Tired

Lack of rest can also impact your safety on the road. Driving while tired can lead to accidents.

Mental Health Costs

Not getting enough rest can also impact your mental health. This can lead to increased stress costly therapy and medication.

Invest in Your Rest

. By investing in your rest, you can improve your productivity, save on health care costs, make better decisions