How to Maximize Your Business’s Website Traffic

Having a mobile site  increases rankings in search engines. Search engines favor sites that optimize for mobile devices, and that means a higher likelihood of being spotted by potential customers.

white hat techniques include guest posting, sharing infographics, linking assets, building relationships, and getting customer testimonials.

Guest posting means writing posts that include your information and links, but on another person’s blog in your niche.

By using social media platforms effectively to communicate with others in your niche and within your target audience

Infographics are highly-detailed graphics that provide important information which is usually prone to being shared

Building relationships with others in your industry, through forums or social media, makes it likely that they will share your content with others who may be interested

Testimonials are brief blurbs provided by customers of your business. These satisfied consumers took the time to explain what they enjoyed about your product or service

Using high-quality written content as a way to improve SEO rankings is the best way to optimize your website.

Search Engine Optimization, is a digital strategy that uses keywords and key phrases within content in order for your website to appear higher in results from search engines.