How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch

In order to understand the people’s interests, you need to carefully work out all the stages of the strategy.

Look at what you are doing from the perspective of the viewer and try to understand why he should choose your channel from this niche, what makes you unique.

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It is necessary to think about promotion in the early stages of work, because if you procrastinate, you will spend too much time working on the channel without viewers.

In order for your work to be well organized and follow a certain plan, you need to prescribe the content that you will publish during the month

Study your audience and competitors and understand what works and what does not. Look through the channels of 5-7 competitors and pay attention to the popular videos

Focus on the first 15-20 seconds and add interesting editing transitions there and create intrigue. This is necessary so that the user does not leave the video immediately.

Don’t forget to make hints with links to your previous videos. This will help you get more views even on old content, and help viewers understand the topic more deeply.

Once you’ve posted a video,Do not forget that you have accounts in social networks where you can leave a link to your video. Write announcements, publish a short part of the video and interest people.