The Data Room for Your Real Estate Deal

What is a data room? It is a room used to store information, such as contracts or corporate documents.

Data rooms for real estate investments make it easier for real estate professionals to share transaction documents and other necessary information with institutional investors

Many virtual data room providers have realized the applicability of virtual data rooms in real estate.

Introducing a virtual data room into the property management process as well as outsourced partner management is a smart decision

All files can be securely accessed from anywhere, as long as the user has been invited to join the data room.

Upload an unlimited number of documents or other files and structure your virtual space the way you need it.

During the handover phase, use the Q&A module, which is a fundamental feature of VDR.

Monitor and analyze all user activity in your data room. You can analyze when and who worked on certain documents

You can structure all documents in a centralized virtual space, accelerate deal closures and increase transparency.