What Is Transcribe And Why Is It Essential In Content Marketing

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Are you figuring out ways to improve your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) game? Then look no further than transcribing content.

Wondering how does it help? 

When you transcribe mp3 recordings or any form of content, such as podcasts or webinars, you will realize the tremendous SEO benefits that you can derive from it. By offering transcripts, you will see a massive improvement in the indexing as well as searchability of your audio and video content. 

It doesn’t just end there. There are many other ways in which transcripts can help you achieve greater success with your content marketing efforts.  

Top 5 Benefits of Transcripts in Content Marketing 

Apart from improving the SEO, transcripts can significantly make your content more accessible while offering other SEO benefits. It also becomes easier for readers who are visually impaired or have hearing issues to access your content via transcripts. Further, you can also use transcripts in your social media communication, presentations, news articles, and so on. 

Transcripts can also be used to enhance your content marketing efforts in more ways than one. Here is a detailed guide on how you can use transcripts in your content marketing strategy and achieve better results faster. 

1. Transcribe focus groups for market research 

Whether it is marketing for your product or brand, or you just need to do solid market research to check the pulse, focus groups are an ideal way to know what and how do customers think. But to get responses from individuals in a group seems like a cumbersome task. 

Content marketers often opt for transcribing focus groups. However, manually transcribing each interview is not easy either. What you can do here is pop mp3 recordings of the interviews into an automatic transcription platform to and get the desired output. Once you have transcribed the focus groups, it is conveniently packaged into a searchable format, which is then ready to be analyzed and distributed. 

2. Drive traffic to your portal 

This is one of the primary reasons to use transcriptions. For example, you have started a podcast channel and each of the episodes is loaded with useful information and tips. Using a reliable transcription service, you can actually transcribe each episode and attract more traffic to your website. This is the best way to get organic traffic to your website and it will also make your podcasts more accessible for your target audience. 

Another way you can use these transcripts is to repurpose the content for your social media channels. The best part is that you can use the same content and repackage it in different formats and you would not have to create anything from scratch and still be consistent with your posting routine. 

3. Reach a wider target audience 

If you use social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest to upload your video content, then chances are you might want to add subtitles to them. This provides several benefits as it enables your viewers to enjoy your content in different formats and also helps those with visual or hearing impairments.

Especially in the case of Facebook or Instagram where videos play automatically, providing subtitles is a nice way to grab the audiences’ attention. If you can engage the viewers with an interesting introduction, you can rest assured they will watch the complete video. Further, for SEO benefits, you need to ensure that the target keywords are said out loud and clear and also included in the subtitles. This will also be an indication to the viewers that the content of the video matches the title. Using this strategy, you’re sure to get your video ranked for the target keywords. 

Another benefit you can get through transcriptions is to use the transcripts to create unique blog posts or articles. This guarantees a wider audience base who would want to spend a considerable time on your website. Make sure to embed the videos in your blog posts as well for further engagement.  

4. Provide options to your target audience 

As a content marketer, you need to ensure that the content you provide to your end-users meets their needs and requirements. Audio to text transcriptions will provide your target audience with varied options for accessing your content. If they prefer to read the text over listening to the audio, they can use your transcripts for the same purpose. 

There are many reliable providers in the market that will help you to transcribe mp3 recordings. For instance, the services provided by HappyScribe. It’s trusted by more than 100,000 users and teams of varied sizes. They support several languages for transcription, such as English, Spanish, German, French, and so on. 

You can perform the following steps to convert mp3 to text. 

  1. First, import and upload the mp3 file
  2. Select the preferred audio language  
  3. Choose between professional or automatic services 
  4. Receive your transcript within a few minutes if you have chosen ‘automatic’ services and 24 hours if it is a ‘professional service’
  5. Export to any of the desired formats – DOCX, TXT, HTML, and PDF. 

5. Enhance the overall user experience

When your target audience spends their time watching any of the videos on your website, it implies they are interested to know more about your brand and what you have to offer. Each time they engage with your brand, they look for some value they can find and use to solve their problems. 

When you offer a transcript along with your video, it is one additional step you are taking towards helping your target user. It also means that you have taken the necessary effort to make the site work to solve their needs. In return, the users might also choose to stay longer on your website and explore the other pages and discover more about your brand. 

You really have no clue which of your content will be discovered by someone and how they choose to use it. The difference between having a transcript or not having one could be the difference between having a return customer or not having a customer at all. Think about it. 

Final thoughts 

The information mentioned above is just a few of the several ways in which you can enhance your content marketing strategy by using transcriptions. There could possibly be many more such strategies but the ones above will get you started. 

All of these strategies will only work if you have a reliable provider to transcribe recordings or videos to text. You will find a host of free solutions but do the necessary checks before you opt for their service. As it involves your brand, you might not want to take a risk by using some cheap provider who doesn’t really care about the quality of the transcripts. 

Hence take precautionary steps and choose the best provider to maximize your content marketing strategy and thereby increase the overall conversions. 

In the Comments section below, let us know whether you used transcripts for your content marketing campaigns and how did they benefit your business. 

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