WordPress “Missing Temporary Folder” Error Solution

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WordPress Missing temporary folder This error makes it impossible to upload photos, update themes and plugins, or update center. In this article, we will guide you on how to easily fix the “Missing a temporary folder” error in WordPress.

An Introduction to the “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error

When you try to upload a file to your website, you might see a “missing a temporary folder” error. This is a standard WordPress error that can stop you from using new pictures, plugins, or themes.

The “missing a temporary folder” error also prevents you from completing software updates. Since WordPress cannot process new files, it won’t be capable of updating core software, themes, or plugins. This will cancel all of your scheduled automated updates.

This issue could pose many chances for your website. Cyberpunks can exploit susceptibilities in outdated software to enter your site and steal critical data. Without software updates, your site could be at danger of security breaches.

Plus, being incapable of installing the latest versions of plugins or themes can leave you with outdated features and functionality. If this problem isn’t fixed, you’ll have to use the same media, themes, and plugins that are already installed on your site. Therefore, the “missing a temporary folder” error can also damage your website’s performance.

What Causes ‘Missing a Temporary Folder’ Error in WordPress?

Is your WordPress website showing the ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error? This common WordPress error is compelled by false PHP settings in your WordPress hosting environment.

There is a typical PHP setting that represents a temporary folder that apps like WordPress can operate to temporarily keep data. WordPress needs access to this temporary folder when you upload a picture, install or update a plugin or theme, or update WordPress core.

If the area of this folder is not specified in your server’s PHP configuration, then WordPress will be incapable of doing any of these things and will display you the ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error.

Fixing “Missing Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress

Here are several ways to tackle the “Temporary Folder Missing” error:

Check Server Permissions:

  • Access your server utilizing an FTP client or your hosting control panel.
  • Navigate to your WordPress root directory.
  • Find the “wp-content” folder and right-click to access its properties.
  • Guarantee that the folder permissions are set to 755 (or 775 for more flexibility).
  • Apply the modifications and check if the error is fixed.

Free Up Disk Space:

  • Check your server’s available disk space through your hosting control panel or reach your hosting provider.
  • Remove unneeded files and folders, particularly media files and backups.
  • Think optimizing your media library to reduce file sizes.

Modify PHP Configuration:

  • Access your hosting server through an FTP client.
  • Find your site’s root directory and find the “wp-config.php” file.
  • Download the file to your local machine.
  • Open “wp-config.php” with a text editor.
  • Add the following line to define the upload_tmp_dir:bashCopy codedefine(‘WP_TEMP_DIR’, dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/wp-content/temp/’);
  • Keep the file and upload it back to the server, overwriting the existing “wp-config.php.”

Create a New Temporary Folder:

  • Utilizing an FTP client, access your server.
  • Go to the “wp-content” directory.
  • Make a new folder and name it “temp.”
  • Check if the error is fixed.

Contact Your Hosting Provider:

  • If the issue continues, contact your hosting provider’s support team for help. They can help diagnose and fix server-related problems generating the error.

Testing and Verifying the Fix:

After applying the resolutions, it’s important to verify whether the “Temporary Folder Missing” error has been successfully fixed. You can do this by trying to upload media files, install plugins or themes, and complete WordPress updates. If these tasks can be performed without error, it’s a good sign that your website is back to normal.


We expect that this guide helped you to fix the “Missing a Temporary Folder” error on your website.

If you have anything to request, feel free to reach out to us through the comments section below.

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