11 Best YouTube Keyword & Tag Generator Tools

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Want to learn what the best keyword tools are for YouTube? The web giant is a video-based search engine that chooses videos to deliver to certain audiences. Like most search engines, YouTube uses algorithms (sets of pedagogy that describe computers and how to convert information) to serve the right videos to the right audiences.  

As a digital marketing expert, to perform in concert with YouTube’s algorithm, you are required to use YouTube keyword tools and guarantee that your content incorporates the correct keywords.

What Are YouTube Keywords?

Per YouTube, adding explanatory keywords (or tags) to your videos is a method of helping viewers discover your content. In a nutshell, keywords deliver YouTube with details and context about your video content. Then, the algorithm assumes those keywords and utilizes them to deliver your content to the correct audience. YouTube favors well-liked videos. According to YouTube Creator Academy, the algorithm follows the audience by paying attention to things like:

  • How many periods do they spend watching a video
  • What they eye
  • What they don’t eye
  • What they’re not curious about in
  • What they enjoy and dislike

What Is YouTube Keyword Research?

YouTube keyword research is an SEO technique that you can use to find the most relevant search terms and discover alternate phrases that someones use when looking for details. YouTube keyword research directs to the procedure of learning what search terms people utilize when looking for video content. This shows exactly what your target audience is exploring and how they’re phrasing things, which allows you to include those keywords directly into your video’s name, transcript, tags, and description. 

Through keyword research, you can be sure that the content you’re creating aligns with what your target audience is searching for.

Why Are YouTube Keywords Important?

YouTube keywords are important for getting your content in front of the correct audience. If you make a YouTube advertisement, for example, you of course like it to reach the people it’s planned for successfully. 

Optimizing your videos for search is a wonderful way of utilizing YouTube marketing and elevating your brand awareness and recognition.

Best YouTube Keyword & Tag Generator Tools

Google Trends is a complimentary YouTube keyword research tool that delivers valuable insights into the favor of search terms over time. It permits you to analyze the search volume of precise keywords and topics, clearly showing trends and fluctuations.

Once in the tool, choose the YouTube Search option which are given below:

Select YouTube Search option

One essential advantage of Google Trends for YouTube content creation is its ability to determine trending topics and seasonal keywords relevant to the content.

Imagine you’re a tech YouTuber planning to make a video about the latest smartphone releases. By utilizing Google Trends, you can reach the search interest for different smartphone brands over the last few months.

If you see a considerable spike in searches for a particular brand, it can show high interest among viewers, encouraging you to prioritize content related to that brand.

2. TubeBuddy

Tube Buddy front site image

TubeBuddy is a video SEO nerd’s best friend. This tool was created to discover tags that are related to your search terms. In the below instance, when examining the search term “san diego surfing,” TubeBuddy offers users that there are many other famous video search terms like “san diego surfing beaches” and “san diego surfing season” that are trending. But the tool offers much more than that.

Tube Buddy Keyword Explorer

TubeBuddy’s dashboard also displays the overall score of your search terms, how competitive that term is, the total number of times that term was searched and more. And since it’s a lightweight Chrome extension, TubeBuddy isn’t just straightforward to use – it’s straightforward to install too. The best part: you can utilize the whole thing for free!

3. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker lets you choose your current positions on YouTube’s search results page. Simply input the URL of your video to initiate a project, configure it to watch the specific URL, and select YouTube as your search engine. Shortly, you’ll uncover the highest-ranking keywords and your placement on YouTube’s search outcomes.

Additionally, Rank Tracker shows a complimentary Autocomplete feature for broader keyword recommendations. Select YouTube from the autocomplete selection, enter your primary keyword, and click on Search. This tool will cause many long-tail keywords, ideal for improving your video’s optimization.

4. YouTube Search Predictions

YouTube’s autocomplete feature (officially known as search predictions) offers popular search questions as you type in the search bar, delivering valuable insights into user search behavior and potential keyword ideas.

As you begin typing the search queries on YouTube, the autocomplete feature shows a dropdown list of offered completions based on famous and trending searches. These recommendations are generated in real-time and indicate what audiences are actively searching for on the platform.

By paying attention to the presented completions, you can determine relevant keywords and topics that are famous among the target audience.

5. VidIQ

VidIQ Image of front website page

VidIQ allows video content creators to choose the best keywords for enhancing searchability. When you research a search term, VidIQ drags data from YouTube to give you a glimpse at what’s going on with that term. You’ll be able to see helpful info like recommended tags and what top-performing videos are currently showed in SERPs.

VidIQ Tags Recommended

If you desire to get more granular, you can also utilize VidIQ to examine additional related keywords and look at search volume reporting in the last month or year, or even since YouTube was created.

YouTube’s Trending page is a section of the platform that showcases videos nowadays famous among viewers. It serves as a list of trending content across different categories, delivering a snapshot of what’s famous and gaining traction on the platform.

The Trending page is freely available and divided into various categories, such as Gaming, Music, News, and Entertainment, permitting for exploring trending content within the areas of interest.

YouTube's Trending page

The Trending page may alter based on the geographical location, as it highlights famous videos within a specific area or country.

The page is updated frequently to mirror the latest trending videos, providing you can access to fresh, up-to-date content.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a marketing analyst’s best friend. This tool has a massive collection of SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research, and keyword identification procedures to assist you optimize your digital content. With clients like Netflix, Facebook, and Uber, you know it’s big time. We’re impressed with the platform’s YouTube Keyword Tool, which drags YouTube search volumes for keywords from up to 170 countries.

Ahrefs Youtube Kewords explorer

The tool is organized in a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard. Just type your keyword in the search bar and Ahrefs pulls data from around the globe to reveal you the total search volume for each term and how many clicks that search phrase made.

If clicks are low, it might indicate that users aren’t happy with the results they’re witnessing; maybe they need an engaging video from you to be happy with their search results. Low clicks could also mean a video’s thumbnail, title, and description aren’t attractive enough for people to concern clicking on them.

8. Kparser

Kparser is another YouTube keyword search tool that can be utilized to locate keywords and recommendations for long-tail keywords in distinct fields. This is an extremely great tool for international users as it permits you to generate keywords based on geography or location. Kparser’s basic features are free, or you can spend $4.99/month to see all the data.

9. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another complimentary Google Chrome extension that shows valuable keyword data. This tool calculates a term’s cost per click, search volume, and competitiveness, making it perfect for validating your existing keywords. 

10. Keywordtool.io

Another amazing keyword tool for YouTube is Keywordtool.io, which autocompletes data to rank hundreds of YouTube keywords by favor. Then, it provides extensive lists of keywords categorized as keyword advice, queries, prepositions, and hashtags. 

Keywordtool.io is a fantastic tool to maximize your YouTube SEO efforts, but the free version is restricted. You can upgrade to the Pro Basic version for $68/year.

11. YouTube Autosuggest

Another awesome YouTube keyword tool is just taking benefit of YouTube autosuggest. After you type a keyword into the YouTube search box, a dropdown menu seems suggesting additional phrases.

These offered terms come directly from appropriate search queries that users have once searched for, making them a fantastic resource for optimizing your content. 

Although YouTube doesn’t show the volumes of these search terms, manually typing in the search box for autosuggestions is boring but completely free.


The availability of useful YouTube keyword research tools is important to optimize their content and maximize their visibility on the platform.

Whether you utilize Google Trends to track search trends, Ahrefs for complete SEO analysis, or specialized tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ for YouTube-specific insights, you have a worth of resources to improve your content strategy and increase your channels.

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