6 Helpful off-page SEO Tools

An infographic on Off-page SEO, highlighting various elements: Blog, Forums, Articles, Social, Directories, Content Sharing, Photo Sharing, and Video Sharing. The elements are linked with dotted lines, and a wrench and gear icons are shown in the top left corner.

These tools allow you to interact with other social media networks. These tools are effective in achieving Off-Page SEO. These Off-Page SEO tools allow you to create stories, posts, images, and audio-video notes about yourself and automatically sync them across social media platforms. This will increase your website’s ranking.

List of off-page SEO Tools


This tool is used by an SEO expert to create a report on digital marketing factors. This tool allows an SEO representative to analyze the competition for a web page.

Ahrefs allows for wide-ranging analysis, from checking URL rankings to getting backlinks. This tool is focused on the vast area of SEO analysis.

This tool is a relatively new tool that can be used to do link research. It uses a specific index to find relevant website connections. It is very popular in digital marketing because of its comprehensive role in the analysis.

Ahrefs’ favorite feature is its ability to provide a monthly estimate of organic traffic. Ahrefs’ sharp-edged checking ability makes it an integrated SEO tool.


Buzzstream is the best online platform for outreach management. It can be divided into two areas to help you manage A) link-building and B) PR, and social media.

They say that media fragmentation has led to millions of micro-influencers engaging in conversations about products and services across social media. Customers will find these influencers by building and managing effective relationships.

People have changed how they shop and learn about products because of the advancement of search engines and social media. What is BuzzStream? BuzzStream’s goal is to make it easier to build authentic relationships with influencers through word-of-mouth across the social media web.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO can be used to assess link intelligence. It is very popular among SEO professionals and website owners. Majestic SEO explains the nature of these link metrics.

It distinguishes two types of link metrics: Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Citation Flow allows you to present a number that predicts a URL’s influence.

After checking the number of sites that are connected to it, it recognizes the URL. Trust Flow provides a number that predicts the reliability of linking with neighboring sites.

Majestic SEO is able to provide all-in-one SEO tools. It can represent a whole range of SEO metrics. It plays a complementary role to execute off-page SEO techniques.


SEMRush has a lot of data, which can be useful for everything from penalty analysis to backlink audits. A great all-rounder.

The link clump tool can be used as a Chrome extension. This tool allows you to open multiple links at once. You can use it as a Google extension by downloading it and adding it to your extension.

This tool allows you to open multiple URLs. You will need to click the right mouse button to open this option. To open the box, you will need to point at the links that create a box.

Follow the click-and-drag method to select multiple links. To select links, you can also use shift and Ctrl keys.

This off-page SEO Tools can highlight multiple links and perform specific actions simultaneously. This tool allows you to create a spreadsheet with multiple links. It also allows you to quickly open the links.

Bonus tool – Apollo Insights

Apollo Insights is our prescriptive marketing platform. We can’t write such an article without it. Apollo Insights is more than just link building. It collects all the data about your website from many of these tools, analyzes it, and then identifies threats and opportunities for your search marketing campaigns. This is what makes us stand out from other SEO agencies, and it’s why we can give our customers an edge in their industry

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