Amazon Employee Discount: Everything you Need to Know

Amazon Employee Discount

If you saw this page you’re likely either a new hire at Amazon and wondering what the Amazon employee discount is and how it functions exactly. While examining their employee discount, and speaking to my Amazon contacts, it quickly became apparent that their discount is only a small portion of their employee advantages package. So I went ahead and also listed the major Amazon employee advantages you get from working for the eCommerce colossus. Let’s get to it shall we.

Do Amazon Employees Get a Discount?

The quick answer is yes. Amazon, the world’s largest online dealer, is known for delivering its customers with amazing deals and discounts. It is no mystery that Amazon also presents its employees a wide range of advantages, including discounts on products and services. The discount is one of the most famous benefits, which saves Amazon employees a considerable amount of money on their purchases. The discounts are available to all Amazon employees, from part-time to full-time. If you’re an Amazon employee, do not skip out on some of these amazing deals!

Amazon employees do obtain discounts on products and services, which can provide important cost savings. These discounts are available to all Amazon employees, nevertheless of their position or employment status. Amazon shows a range of discounts to its employees, including discounts on Amazon products and services, as well as discounts on products and services from member companies. By leveraging these discounts, employees can maximize their savings and enhance their overall work-life balance. In this article, we’ll examine everything you require to know about Discounts for Amazon employees.

How Do Amazon Employee Discounts Work?

Amazon has more than one discount program for its employees. To access them, you must perform at least 20 hours a week (Class H, R, and F workers). It’s a perk that becomes known fairly quickly, which is amazing for new hires.

One of the main programs is the discount code system. As an Amazon employee, you get unique codes that can be used for buys on Amazon itself.

It’s pretty specific and familiar. Just use the code when buying something on Amazon as you normally would, and you’ll save 10% on qualified purchases. There’s a yearly limitation to how much you can save utilizing these codes, but it’s a handy advantage for regular Amazon shoppers.

The company also has a program called Amazon Extras. This is like a marketplace with a wide range of complete deals for its employees.

This program comes with thousands of discounts and amazing offers on a variety of products and services from well-known brands, both national and local. Amazon bargains these deals especially for its employees, and the discount rates can differ.

To access these deals, you log into an online outlet. It’s your seat for browsing what’s available at the moment and catching deals that catch your eye.

In my knowledge, some may offer you 40% off; others could be 10% off or a set dollar amount hit off the price. The terms will be absolutely listed so you can determine if a deal is worthwhile before redeeming it. But with thousands of submissions across every category, you’re likely to find good deal.

What Other Amazon Employee Advantage Are Available?

Well, I’m pleased you asked because here are some other advantages to working at Amazon in no particular order.

  • $15/hour Starting Salary – The total least they’ll pay you is $15/hour which is a nice starting salary.
  •  Adoption Assistance – Up to $5,000 for single child adoptions and $10,000 for sibling/group adoptions.
  •  Health Advantage – You’re qualified on your foremost day of work as long as you work 20+ hours per week.
  •   Motherhood & Paternity Leave – Full-time employees (blue badges) get up to 4 weeks pre-partum and 10 weeks spent leave post-partum.
  •  Tuition Reimbursement – After performing for Amazon for 1-year, you’re eligible for 95% tuition refund towards an Associates degree or certification.
  •  Employee Assistance Plan – Free counseling services for all employees and family members. This contains 3 free in-person counseling sessions per year. 

Tips for Maximizing the Discounts

To make the most of the discounts for Amazon employees, consider these tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Regularly review the employee website and Amazon Associate Discount Program for latest deals and discounts. Make a shopping list and wait for the right time to buy.
  •  Combine Discounts: Multiple discounts can be combined with other promotions, vouchers, and discounts. Be certain to read the terms and conditions carefully to comprehend any limitations.
  •  Use Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime members can access additional discounts and advantages. Think signing up to maximize your savings if you’re not a partner.
  •  Share with Family and Companions: Some discounts can be shared with household and friends. Take benefit of these prospects to help your loved ones save money.


From my view, Amazon employees have a chance to get discounts on a various array of products thanks to the company’s vast record. However, the real cost savings vary quite a bit. The standard discount codes deliver minimal savings without the deals in Amazon Extras. Recognize that these Amazon employee advantages are a big factor in your career preference.

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