Emberify: 10 New Instagram Features to Leverage in 2022

Emberify: 10 New Instagram Features to Leverage in 2022

Instagram is frequently rolling out many features to give both creators and brands an advantage. It is consistently updated to get the first rank and also to support all users. So, if you want to gain more followers and views at the same time, you can utilize these features. You can also buy Instagram video views to amplify your reach among Instagram users. In addition, you can create some interesting videos to attract the audience. You should also remember to create your videos using some unique strategy to achieve success. Now get started to know the new Instagram features to gain those benefits. Let’s begin!

  1. Reels Feature

Instagram users are highly engaged in watching reels, so it is best for marketers. You can take advantage of creating reels to grab the user’s attention. For example, you can create many reels regarding your business and post them on the feed. If you do so, you can quickly achieve success. You can also try to post relevant and essential detail clearly in a reel to gain more followers. This way, you can make yourself famous on this Instagram medium.

  1. Dual Camera

The dual camera feature of Instagram will allow the recording of all content simultaneously using both the front and back cameras. The front camera will be displayed in a small image, and the back camera will be in a large. This dual feature will be available when you record the reel. So, you can use this dual camera to showcase your product and your face and share the details with the audience.

  1. Interactive Stickers

Many interactive stickers are nowadays available on Instagram stories. So, if you want more reach among the users, you can use this interactive sticker. If you use them, you can increase your follower base. It can even make the users curious to watch your stories consistently and inform their friends. Therefore, you can utilize this wonderful opportunity to boost your fame. Additionally, you can leverage Emberify to uplift your popularity. You can also mention some of your contacts to reach your target audience.

  1. Grid Pinning

Using Instagram’s grid pinning feature, you can pin your content and the most needed one on your grid. For example, you can easily select the photo or reel and pin them to the grid. In addition to this, you can able to pin whatever you need as the most important. To pin, you can follow the steps: click the three dots and select the pin to your profile. By doing so, users can notice it before and view it quickly. In addition, it can give you additional benefits like adding your important one.

  1. Remix Photos

Instagram users can now able to create and post remix reels with new content of their own. They can even collaborate with influencers, which can support them a lot. In simple words, it can be considered just like TikTok’s duet feature, and it allows users to join their videos/images. You can also add the needed text to the video/image to make users know extra details. This will further gain tremendous changes to your marketing and make you shine. So, utilizing this peculiar feature can make your account famous.

  1. Partnership Inbox

Gone days are missed opportunities mainly because of a busy inbox. Now creators and marketers can manage their communications in peculiar locations, and that is in partnership messages. Moreover, it has a direct message tab and even a sub-folder. So, using the feature can benefit you a lot. Therefore, you can leverage this to improve in gaining more reach and improving communications.

  1. Auto-Captions for Stories and Reels Features

Instagram at first started to allow the usage of caption stickers on stories. But now, it is used for reels too, and it is a tremendous advantage for creators and marketers. This feature mainly converts what exactly one person says in a video to text. It makes the audience watch without sound. It will further help the users connect with your videos faster and increase engagement. So, using this auto-caption feature, you can make your content more accessible to all users.

  1. Visual Replies on Reels

Instagram allows all users to comment on the reels using another one. So, if you make small videos on this medium, you can easily comment on them. It is a highly supportive and engaging way to gain followers for your account. If you want to grow through this medium, you can utilize this feature to make a difference from your competitors.

  1. Calendar Tools

Instagram is planning to double the tracking period from 30 to 60 days. This means business people can gain details by checking them over a long. Also, all social media marketers can use this information and make changes if needed. You can also use this feature to know all the activities that you have done in the past few days. Thus this new feature benefits marketers and business people.

  1. Find Creators

Instagram is now playing matchmaker with new tools to connect creators and brands. Let’s know the creator’s side; now, users can have a preferred list of brands. Next, when a particular brand looks for a creator to collaborate with, they appear on the front. Thus working with an influencer can be very simple and helpful. This feature will also be available only to business and creator accounts. So, use this feature to find a suitable influencer to grow your account/business.

Last Notes

Instagram has evolved well and has become the most famous platform. Many users are also giving preference only to this Instagram medium. So, if you want to get successful in a short time, you can use the new feature of Instagram. However, you need to maintain consistency, which is the key to success. In addition, you can also add some funny videos to reach your target audience. Finally, you can leverage Emberify to uplift your fame and name on this Instagram medium. Above all, read this article to learn more about Instagram’s new features to change the marketing game.

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