Getting Rid of Dust Mites with The Right Pillow Protector

Getting Rid of Dust Mites with The Right Pillow Protector

Rest and comfort; that’s all you should think about when you lay your head on your pillow at night to sleep, and rightly so, the bedroom should be a place of relaxation and serenity.

But if you are prone to allergies, one other thing might just be occupying your mind when you should be resting. You might not be able to see them with your naked eyes, but these teeny-weeny creatures are the bane of your sleep. They are why you wake up with a headache in the morning after struggling with sleep all night because of sneezing, runny nose, or a congested chest; these micro pests are called dust mites.

Dust mites are the number one leading cause of sleep allergies amongst most people; the disturbances they cause to our sleep can develop into even more serious symptoms ranging from snoring and daytime sleepiness to insomnia. The dust mite in and of itself does not cause these symptoms; the symptoms manifested are as a result of inhaling a protein allergen it releases as a by-product of its digestion.


Your Pillow May Be a Culprit

Unfortunately, your pillow may be contributing to the growth and flourishment of these little disease harbingers more than you know. This is because when we sleep, we inadvertently shed off dead skin cells, which these micro pests thrive on to flourish; other factors like a moist environment from damp hair culminate in the perfect ecosystem for their growth and multiplication.

Hypoallergenic bedding like a Pillow Protector has been proven to help with eradicating dust mites and their associated allergic symptoms; they are specially designed for such purposes and more. These impermeable pillow covers are designed to create a protective barrier around beddings that do not allow dust mites to penetrate and fester.


How do Pillow Protectors Prevent Dust Mites?

Reducing the overall presence of dust mites in our homes and bedrooms is what pillow protectors aim to do, and this goal is achieved in several different ways:


Keeping pillows clean and dirt free  

Sweat, drool, body oils, and skin cells are some of the wastes these protective Pillow Covers are designed to soak up and keep from our pillows and mattresses. Now all you need do is peel off your pillow protector and wash it to ensure there are no more sources of food for emerging dust mites to thrive on.


They keep dust mites away from their food source

Covering your mattress or pillow with a specialized pillow protector traps the dust mites that are already in your pillows and beddings and prevent them from reaching their food source, which is your dead skin cells; this starves the pests to death and prevents them from multiplying.


Protecting the air around us when we sleep

Many dust mite covers are fabricated from a specially woven fabric that traps the microscopic dust mites and their allergens and keeps them from dispersing further into our lungs when we may toss and turn in our sleep.

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