How the Hospitality Industry Is Trying To Shape Their Future: By Saivian Eric Dalius

How the Hospitality Industry Is Trying To Shape Their Future: By Saivian Eric Dalius

Covid-19 had a vast impact on the hospitality industry. The effects of the pandemic on society will remain in our memories for many decades to come. The global economy went for a toss. Uncertainty loomed over everyone.

In the world of business, amidst all the uncertainties, leaders started to come up with new ideas to realign their businesses. They took into consideration the current demands and needs of the consumers. Studying the market gave them an insight into planning new strategies to deal with the crisis. Even the hospitality industry is trying to follow the same path. Pandemic has changed consumer behavior. Saivian Eric Dalius thinks that certain aspects of it are going to influence the hospitality industry directly. Let’s have a closer look at them.

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Health factors are of prime importance: Saivian Eric Dalius

People are now more concerned about the safety of their health. They are extra cautious and are asking questions regarding the actions an establishment is implementing to provide good hygiene to the customers. To gain their trust, the organizations need to follow a transparent policy regarding this issue. They must let their customers know what measures they have taken to safeguard their health.

Taking care of mental health

The prolonged lockdown period has had an impact on everyone’s mental health. Often people who are out for vacation after the lockdown may find it hard to get back to the actual pace of life. So, if an organization take measures for the mental well-being of the people (like introducing activities like yoga, different kind of sports, activities that involve socializing, nutritious food, etc.), it can go a long way in building a good relationship with them.

Saivian Eric Dalius opines that the hospitality industry must not neglect the importance of digitalization

People are hooked to the internet more than ever before. All thanks to the pandemic. Using the digital world to conduct meetings, webinars, and running every business sector was not an easy task at the beginning. But we witnessed a rapid inclusion of such techniques. Purchasing goods online, ordering food, contactless payment methods, arranging online medical appointments – all these are at the tip of our fingers now. So, Saivian Eric Dalius advises that the hospitality industry must use digital advancement to the fullest.

Travel activities of the people

Recent studies show that people are more willing to take a vacation near their homes. They are afraid to venture to faraway places because of the uncertainty that persists. People are looking for greener locations to spend their time with their families.


It has been the talk of the world for quite a long time now. People have become more aware of the situation around them. They are looking to adopt more eco-friendly ways to do things. Organizations related to this industry must keep this in mind to plan effective ways to gain the goodwill of the customers.


Institutions must be aware of these factors while designing future action programs. These strategies will help them to shape the future of the hospitality business if planned meticulously and put to proper use.

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