YouTube Error 503

 YouTube Error 503: Service Unavailable Error Fixed (On Android)/There Was a Problem with the Network

YouTube error 503 is another common server side error for Android-based youTube APP users, it happens randomly to some devices while the others may be operating non-faulty.


 To fix YouTube error 503:
1. Retry the YouTube URL by clicking Refresh/pressing F5.
2. Restart your router, and then your Android phone.
3. Contact YouTube directly for help. Chances are that YouTube already know about the 503 error but reporting an error directly on the page may get problems solved more effectively.
4. As is mentioned above, YouTube 503 error occurs because the server is overwhelmed by increased traffic, then it’s not bad to just wait it out.

YouTube Error [Solved] – A General Fix for YouTube Problems

Either bookmark this page to navigate your YouTube errors, or remember a general fix for YouTube error is “RRRDD. Don’t be vexed, “RRRDD” refers 5 things to do when you see the message: “YouTube an error occured please try again”. Saving you the trouble of navigating to a specifc YouTube problem every time.
R – Refresh: Refresh the settings of the browser where an error occurred. Go by: Clear History, Cookies, temporary Internet Files and Cache in your browser.
R – Resolution: Choose different resolution to play YouTube videos or accept the resolution that YouTube video player picks for you (720p, 360p, etc.).
R – Renew: Renew all plug-ins of your Firefox/Chrome/Opera, sometimes YouTube error occurs simply because your Adobe Flash Player isn’t the latest.

D – Disable graphics hardware acceleration. The slowness in web browsers and YouTube error often come hand in hand. Take Firefox as an example, go to Options > General > Disable using hardware acceleration when available. After this, restart the browser.

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