How To Improve Audio Quality In Business Videos

How To Improve Audio Quality In Business Videos
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Sound can boost organizational revenue by influencing customers with the help of audio messages that resonate with their preferences. This essential component improves business communication by making complex pieces of information easier to comprehend as it summarizes lengthy topics into bite-size concepts. Combining this element with creative videos can effectively share your messages across different platforms, which boosts audience information retention.

Ensuring the success of your product demonstration and product presentation requires you to produce high-quality audio. With that, your ideal customers expect you to consistently share content with top-notch audio so you can accurately represent your company’s unique positioning statement. 

To ensure the success of your overall marketing strategy, you must invest in the right knowledge, skills, and tools if you want to increase conversion and exposure. 

In this article, you’ll learn three surefire strategies for improving the audio quality of your corporate video content. 

  1. Select The Best Location To Record Audio

Start by minimizing distractions and ambient sounds like people, fans, and open windows to get the best recording quality. Audio containing many of these elements makes it challenging for your employees, business partners, and consumers to understand your corporate messages. Thus, you must reduce the additional cognitive load of deciphering unfamiliar sounds by eliminating ambient noise to help your audience concentrate.

To help absorb unnecessary noise, choose an empty room with soft surfaces such as carpeted floors. You also have to turn off your device to avoid receiving notification alerts during your recording session. Then, in that space, practice recording at least a minute of silence and listening to it to evaluate the effectiveness of your attempt to dampen the effects of any ambient noises.

Another strategy you may consider is investing in a web video production service provider to save time finding the right location. However, you should be extra careful in choosing a partner because trusting the wrong one might risk damaging your brand reputation and jeopardize the success of your campaign. 

Fortunately, MD Josh Rockman from Rockmans Creative Media says ‘audio is 10% of the production but 90% of the problem.’ This reputable company has a proven track record of successful projects and can exceed your production expectations.

     2. Choose The Right Recording Equipment

You can improve your corporate audio quality by building a professional digital audio workspace that allows you to capture and edit your records. You need to invest in high-quality recording devices like a wireless microphone system that directly syncs the audio to your business video. To use this properly, you have to be in about a hundred-foot range of your subject as your record so that this tool can capture clean audio.

When shopping for a professional microphone, think about which settings you can control and how it connects to your recording device. In addition, you must evaluate whether the mic is self-standing or if it requires additional support. Once you start recording a speech, you need to have at least five inches from the speakers if you want to obtain a natural sound to make your campaign more authentic.

     3. Compose A Well-Written Script

As an organizational leader, you’ve probably given enough talks, so you know the importance of the content inside and out. With that, you have to avoid the urge to start recording your voice to spread your brand message, even if you’re comfortable speaking without prepared notes. Consequently, you have to compose a script that helps you to be concise by ensuring the session is chunked into small and valuable segments, which should be less than 10 minutes.

As you write, you must consider the audience who might be vision-impaired because they won’t be able to rely on visuals. Instead, you should avoid terms like ‘as you can see here’ to effectively convey your corporate messages to all types of audiences, allowing them to comprehend your initiative. Indeed, having a script enables you to produce a clear transcript without losing your pace throughout the process, ensuring a productive recording session.

If you’re not the one who will talk, you have to coach your presenter to sound like a professional broadcaster by conveying their passion. Once you do so, you can help them convey their excitement by encouraging them to use shifts in vocal tone and delivery to make the recording more playful. Moreover, you should outsource a skilled moderator who can organize all speaking parts of a live webinar by smoothly handling emergencies during the online corporate event.

Key Takeaway

As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that all of your organizational content accurately represents your brand image to sustain its good reputation. That being said, you must consider following these three tips to improve the quality of your corporate audio so you can successfully convey your messages to your audience. In turn, your listeners and video viewers can all comprehend your communication initiative, which boosts your company’s productivity.

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