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Invoicing is an important thing for anyone in the business world, especially for those that are freelance or self-employed. Think about it, every freelancer—and business owner as a whole—has to generate invoices. Ultimately, without invoicing, you cannot formalize the billing process. If you are wondering how to make an invoice, then you have landed in the right place.

Lucky for you, today we’re going to discuss the best online invoice generator tools. There are so many invoice makers available online, each of them with their own features, platforms, and tools, among other things. Unless you have a dedicated accounting team at your disposal, you will need a good invoicing tool, as well as tax calculators, accounting software, time-tracking programs and bank reconciliation tools. Learn more about different invoice types here.

While abundance may seem like a good thing as it creates a wide array of options to choose from, the sad truth is that many invoice generating tools are not easy-to-use or reliable unfortunately. Not to worry though, we did the bulk of the leg-work for you and shortlisted the best options for you.

In fact, here are some of the more highly-recommended invoicing tools and apps. By using these tools and apps in particular, you will be able to create formal, attractive, and presentable invoices.

Invoice Maker – Receipt & Billing app

This invoice generator app is developed by Content Arcade which is best for all users. It can be downloaded on Android smartphones, and so you can easily generate invoices with your fingertips. This receipt creator android app’s features are what makes it famous and acceptable not only to freelancers but also business people. Some of the highlights of this free invoice maker are listed as under:

  • This invoice maker can also create estimates for users.
  • The invoices created on this tool can be downloaded in pdf format.
  • The invoice maker is free to use.
  • The invoice generator app can help you manage all of your accounting affairs.
  • With this utility, you can easily create bills and totals without any hassle.
  • This utility would be facile for you to save, share and print invoices.

Fresh Books

This is one of the pro tools in this league. This is truly an invoice maker tool that can help you with everything related to your accounts’ management. Fresh books have an in-built time tracker tool, reminder calendar, and tons of design templates to easily create the perfect invoices. The new version of this invoice maker has been recently launched. You can use it not only on your desktops but also on Android and iOS devices. Self-employed people can use this invoice maker at any time without any restrictions.


With Bonsai, you can quickly create as many invoices as you want to, and that too for free. This is one of the best invoice makers using which you can create a one-time invoice, recurring invoices, and auto-payment invoices. With this invoice maker, you can easily generate invoices that can cater to specific fields like discounts, taxes, and even payment methods. Bonsai also offers its users time tracking, expense monitoring, and contractual invoicing features, making this utility a favourite one.


This is one of the only options that have digital proposal options. You can not only create new invoices, but you can easily send them via slow mail with Zoho. Zoho also has a reports page which is spread over 25 different categories. This invoice maker app is not just organized but is known to be micro-organized. The designers and developers of this invoice maker have put extra effort into this tool’s record-keeping feature. This gives an extra welcoming look to the app. This invoice maker comes in both free and paid plans, so it is up to you to go with a suitable one. The free plan of Zoho allows a single user to cater to up to five clients.


The best thing about harvest is that it provides the most attractive and precise invoices. This utility interface is quite simple, and you can easily understand what to do even if it’s your first time designing an invoice. This is best for all sorts of users and workable on all devices, so you can try it whenever you want. The free plan of this invoice maker allows users to send invoices to an infinite number of clients. Harvest is the favorite invoice maker of writers working for the same client on a long-term project.

Simply Bill

This is another online invoice maker that would stun you with its simplicity. This invoice maker tool provides four different billing templates to its users. If you are going with this app cum tool, then you can select either of the template designs and can easily edit them as per your choice. You can use more than 30 different types of bills for the same template you selected, which is a big plus about this utility. One should know that this online billing tool would also help you track and accept payments through PayPal.


If you are interested in an all-in-one service, then you should try this service. Wave can help you create invoices from scratch, and you can also create invoices based on the offered templates. You must also know that you can generate bills, estimates, discounts, and totals with Wave. Furthermore, you can easily accept payments and help yourself set alerts with this online invoice maker. This is one of the comprehensive invoice maker apps, and you can help manage your business with this tool!

Using either of these free invoice generator tools, you can save a lot of time and money wasted in traditional invoicing!

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