Lego Affiliate Program Review and commissions

Lego Affiliate Program Review

If you are an influencer, blogger, website owner, affiliate marketer, or simply a beginner looking to become any of the above, stick around.
Here you’ll find a quick review of the Lego affiliate program, where to enter, its commission rates, and finally, a little piece of guidance on how to start sending traffic and earning money with the Lego affiliate program.

How to start earning money with the Lego affiliate program

I could list a few tactics for this certain program here. But, This would be doing you a disfavor. 

You are one of two kinds of people that’ll make it to this article:

  • Either you know your fundamentals and are simply browsing for new affiliate programs, at which point go on the button above, join up, and start earning money and ignore the rest of the article, you know what you are doing
  • You are somewhat of a newbie affiliate marketer, in that case, read on

To comprehend how to send traffic and drive from pretty much any affiliate program, you’ll require a solid grip on the fundamentals of digital marketing.

This includes:

  • Learning how to make a solid website that performs well, converts well and adds value to your audience.
  • Understanding how to drive traffic for organic search results (SEO)
  • Understanding some paid traffic tactics with Google ads, Facebook + Instagram ads, display ads, etc
  • And if you like to scale this effort and become a full-time digital marketer, you’ll either required to dive into advanced topics like remarketing, native ads, creating an email list etc.

Another choice is just going deep into one of those skills and becoming extremely skilled at SEO and converting organic traffic, or focusing on building an email list with paid ads, encouraging that list and promoting your affiliate offers there.

What does Lego do?

Are you examining for providing your kids a creative playing experience? If yes, then Lego has tons of products on offer for your children to increase their potential. The company was founded back in 1932 by Ole Kristiansen with the idea of providing kids with playing materials. Now, the company is marketing its products to the customers from more than 40 countries. You can bring toys and playing products in almost every conceivable theme such asfrozen, power functions, city, architecture, batman, classic, and many more. 

Lego Affiliate Program Commissions

Since you are here to monetize your site or audience, I’ll set the commissions on here first. 

This is what I always examine for first in an affiliate program 

The Lego affiliate program operates on the Rakuten Advertising network. You can enter this program by simply filling a form and getting approval by the company. The company expends its affiliates a commission of 3% on each sale generated through their affiliate links. The cookie period under this affiliate program is 7 days that is competitively lower.  

Lego Affiliate Program Payment Terms

Something usually underappreciated as some programs pay fast while others a little more slowly. Payment terms are always a element to consider:

The first and principal thing is that you can join the Lego affiliate program from all across the earth. You can draw customers from more than 40 countries as Lego ships its products at the international level. As the program runs on Rakuten Advertising, you get various payout options to choose from such as check and PayPal. PayPal is the suggested payout option for you as it functions in almost every country across the world excluding a few.  

Lego Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

To keep it straightforward and structured, i’ll go into a few explanations why you should join this affiliate program, and a few why you should not. 

You’ll be able to tell whether I liked this program based on how many bases I list for each site 

Reasons to join the Lego affiliate program:

You must be thought why you should join the Lego affiliate program when there are many other affiliate programs unrestricted to you in the toys niche. I will tell you some of the essential reasons in this regard including: –

  • You get precise and real-time commission tracking and reporting by the Rakuten network on behalf of Lego
  • The affiliates are always delivered with special promotions, deals, and newsletters to attain splendid advantages
  • They can join this program quite effortlessly without paying even a single penny

Reasons to avoid the Lego affiliate program and work with alternatives:

The Lego affiliate program has some amazing perks for affiliate marketers to join it. However, there are some places where other programs are providing more benefits to their affiliates. In this part of the article, I will discuss the reasons to bypass the Lego affiliate program and work with alternatives: –

  • The first reason is that Lego delivers a competitively lower commission rate
  • The cookie period is also competitively low
  • No free shipping on products worth less than $35

To complete

If you created it this far, just go to the button at the top of the article to join the affiliate program. Initiate sending traffic and see how it goes. 

Otherwise, if you are a newbie, join it, but also join our master’s course on digital marketing and business to learn the fundamental skills you require to really start earning money as an affiliate.

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