Reasons to Migrate to MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting

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Two main reasons for you to be here and reading this may be, you are either looking to migrate your website from the current host to a new platform because you are not satisfied with your current host. Or want to move your website from the shared platform to VPS i.e. the virtual private server. Migration after all is not a new term for any web owner. But, before hopping on to a new hosting provider, you should first be sure about certain things. What exactly are your needs? What are you looking for to upscale the performance of your website?

If you are one of those who were using shared hosting as a beginner and have now understood that the need of your website and its daily business is different than what you initially thought it to be, then let me first brief you about managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, and what exactly should you expect from a cheap web hosting provider as per your requirements. Because, in any case, minimal investment yielding maximum output has been the common motto of every successful business.


Managed VPS Hosting: How Is It Different From Shared Hosting? 

A VPS server is like an apartment, where the residents have certain dedicated services like separate flat space which has dedicated resources like the rooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc. which you need not share with anyone else. On the other hand, shared hosting is like a dormitory where every resource and service is shared with other clients with whom you are sharing the drive space.

If you have time and again noticed that, whenever your website gets a spike in traffic of visitors, your website crashes or notices a lag then you certainly need to upgrade your website to VPS, as it is the need of the hour for your website. It is rather a positive sign for you because it indicates the growth of your website. What you need to do is make a timely upgrade to your website. If you think, whether it is of that much importance then just refer to case studies of some multinational brands in different sections such as cell phones and cameras, which didn’t upgrade themselves at the right time and now have nearly vanished from their respective markets. So, just analyze your situation and take the right step at the right time.

Similarly, when it comes to managed VPS hosting then just keep in mind that everything that comes under the backend process of web hostings, such as timely updates, backup, security, and everything else to keep your website up and running round the clock, is taken care of by the hosting company.

Now talking about MilesWeb as a hosting provider, let us just get through with the provisions as per their plans and try and understand how important or relevant those provisions are.

A Brief About MilesWeb:

MilesWeb has been functioning as a hosting provider since 2012, and after being in the business for more than 8 years now, the company has turned out to be one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their budget web hosting plans have many features to offer which have proven to be trendsetters. Apart from all this, their 24/7 fully professional customer support has made their client’s life easy.

Let us just look into what they do offer when it comes to managed VPS hosting:

MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Plans:


  • Choose OS as per your requirement

Choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora

  • Choose Control Panel as per your requirement.

They have Webuzo, cPanel, and Plesk to offer. These are compatible with one of the above mentioned OS.

  • Hi-Tech Cloud Infrastructure.

Offering scalability with best virtual resources

  • Free Migration

Migrate the data of your website from the existing host to MilesWeb without any extra charge.

  • Dashboard to monitor your resources

An easy to use the dashboard to monitor and manage all your resources.

  • The unlimited website hosting option

With MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting, you get to host unlimited websites through your nameservers.

  • No extra charge for setup

With the best in-house technical support, they don’t charge you anything extra for setting up your website on their platform.

  • Enterprise-grade hardware

Their VPS servers are based on cloud infrastructure built with enterprise-grade hardware.

  • SSH and root access

It gives you complete control over your VPS environment.

  • A Well Equipped Knowledge Base

MilesWeb has a well-equipped knowledge base of video tutorials and informative blogs and articles which will assist you, if in case you think you lack in some areas of web developing, designing, hosting, or promoting.



With the best in the business features on offer and the assurance and trust of over 20000+ customers in the kitty to date, MilesWeb certainly is a name to trust. Especially after having a bitter-sweet experience in the past with your previous hosting providers, it is better to go on for someone worth your investment.

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