Ways to Grow Your Followers and views on Social media

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There is no drought that social media platforms stand out currently. But the question is how you build your social media presence and gain. Earning social media likes, especially get more views on your tiktok, is not an overnight process, but takes time. However, if you want to see the results faster, you must go out of your way and seek a little help. Below are essential tips for getting more genuine social media followers to be relevant for your brand.

Leverage Influencers

You can use influencer marketing to gain more followers. If well done, you can convert influencers into your followers once you get access to their loyal followers. Since influencers come with a significant number of followers who are loyal and engaged, you can be able to covet their audience into yours. However, as you Leverage influencers, it is important to know that they are from your niche and relevant to your brand. Once you do that, then you would be good to go as an influencer marketing and this is a sure way of getting more followers.

Invest in social media Ads

You cannot mention tips to get more followers without the mention of advertising. Advertisement is a sure way of getting more leads for companies that are willing to invest in this marketing strategy. Social media ads are always shown to a much broader and more relevant audience compared to other posts and stories, most of which are only visible to your current audience.

Ads can help you reach a large number of people of a certain demographic segment. After making several posts for at least 1 months’ worth, you can embark on ads. Find out your top posts and consider running ads on those posts to reach a wider audience.

Start engaging with people

It is normal to have a few social media followers as you get started. So, if you find yourself with fewer followers and comments at the beginning, you shouldn’t worry. However, once you’ve published a few posts, you can start following and engaging with other people and accounts. You can’t believe how fast you are going to get more views on your tiktok.

However, to be relevant, you only need to discover similar accounts by searching for industry hashtags. To socialize with other like-minded people, it is important to leave comments on their posts, follow them, and often reply to their stories. As a result, they may be prompt to visit your profile and engage with your posts too, hence increasing your fan base. 

Use the Hashtags

The trick of using hashtags on social media is straightforward. While you can use the hashtags in the captions of your posts, the best way is to press share, and then comment with your intended hashtags. Hashtags give your content the chance to be seen without looking spammy.


Despite being new in the industry, social media remains one of the greatest platforms to promote your brand. However, what remains a challenge is when it comes to attracting followers. That’s why you need to apply the above strategy when setting up your profile from the start. Try these tips and attract your first 1000 views in no time.

Aijaz Alam is a highly experienced digital marketing professional with over 10 years in the field.He is recognized as an author, trainer, and consultant, bringing a wealth of expertise to his work. Throughout his career, Aijaz has worked with companies such as Arena Animation and Sportsmatik.com.He previously operated a successful digital marketing website, Whatadigital.com, where he served an impressive roster of Fortune 250 companies. Currently, Aijaz is the proud founder and CEO of Digitaltreed.com.