What is web marketing? complete guidance for beginners

What is web marketing

web marketing refers to a broad category of advertising that takes many different forms, but generally involves any marketing activity conducted online. Marketers have shifted their efforts online because it tends to be significantly less expensive. Many online advertising spaces are free to use. Companies can upload videos to YouTube or start a blog for no cost at all. Other outlets like official websites or paid search marketing cost a fraction of what a major television advertising campaign would.


Web marketing types

There are several types of web marketing:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process to improve a site’s rank in the search result with various kind of methods. It was done so it would be easier for people to be able to find a particular site. Basically, the higher the rank is the better.

In a simple way, SEO can be divided into 2 main stages:

  • On-site SEO

On-site SEO is the rules that can be used on your site to make it more search-friendly.

  • Off-site SEO

The methods that used to promote your site or blog so it can rank well in the search result.


2. Email marketing

Even with other newest form of web marketing, email is still considered as one of the most important types of online marketing. Email probably not as cool as it’s younger partner, social media, but if you prefer something more private and direct, then email marketing is the best choice for you. This is also one of the reasons why email marketing is still widely used even now


3.Blog marketing

What is blog marketing? Blog marketing is the process to reach your target market with a blog. Nowadays, it is easier for a business owner to integrate both of the website and the blog, so it will be easier to manage and easier for the customers to access.


 4.Video marketing

As you may know, Youtube has become one of the most visited sites and also the second largest search engine in the world now. Even though video production is not cheap and easy, but it will pay you big time. In fact, about 76% businesses say that video offers a good return on their investment. Besides, editing and taking videos are not that expensive right now. video editing software can be used for free, and you can make a decent video with your smartphones. Even client testimonial video examples are readily available online.


5. Social media

Now more and more people like to use social media platforms to promote their brand and products.

Social media marketing refers to the process to get more traffics via social media platform. There is various kind of activities for this kind of web marketing, such as making and uploading videos, posting images and text, and other content that can drive audience and engage them directly.


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