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Digitaltreed is always looking for talented individuals to write for us! We strive to provide top-notch articles, tutorials, news, and information for web design.

Who can become a writer for Digitaltreed?

Anyone with experience as a writer or blogger on web design and development-related topics!

Questions to ask yourself before submitting

What will readers get out of your article? Why should they read it?

We publish content that’s valid and/or inspiring. Ideally, it’ll be both. If your article doesn’t boost creative pros, no shade, but it’s not for us.

How will readers act on your article?

What will readers do with what you teach them? Explain how they can put your tips into action.


Plagiarism is taken more seriously at Digitaltreed. Our articles are checked for uniqueness and originality with various plagiarism checker tools.

If the article has copied content, we will definitely find out. We will blacklist you from submitting articles at Ujudebug if we find out that your articles have been copied from somewhere else.

Here are the guest post guidelines:

Our guest posting community is rapidly growing at Digitaltreed and you can write for us to gain exposure to our growing audience. We have received multiple requests for guest article contributions on our website. 

However, to maintain our quality standards, we accept guest articles with some expectations.

Before submitting any post for publishing, you must first read through the guidelines below to avoid wasting both our time.

  • Articles must be well-written, grammatically correct, and well-researched.
  • At least 1000 words of content
  • 2 relevant royalty-free images.
  • 100% unique content. We check every article in Copyscape
  • Citations of any research you have made
  • When you write the guest post, keep the reader in mind. Provide as many factual stats as possible.

If you can meet the above guidelines, send us your pitch at info@digitaltreed.com and we will get in touch with you.

Eram Naim, with 4 years of experience in content marketing and 2 years in digital marketing, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Digitaltreed.com. In addition to his role as COO, he also functions as the Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor, showcasing his versatility and expertise across multiple domains within the company.