YouTube Marketing Course :Guide For Beginner

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Do you want to extend your YouTube channel or make ads for the platform but don’t understand where to start? In this article, I’ll share the most useful resources to learn exactly that.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best online learning YouTube Marketing courses that will guide you on how to make your audience locate your content. Let’s begin from the start with creating your channel, optimizing your content for search, and cooperating with influencers and content creators.

Keep in mind that YouTube is always varying, so for starters, YouTube Help documentation should always be your go-to place to keep you modernized.

Who is this for?

  • Content creators and influencers examining to make their brand and grow a dedicated following on YouTube
  • Social media marketers examining to upscale their YouTube marketing expertise
  • Small business owners looking to improve their business promotion by reaching a wide audience on YouTube.

What You Will Learn in the YouTube Marketing Course?

There are many things that you will learn at our YouTube Marketing Institute;

  • Training from highly trained expert professionals and faculty.
  • Brief knowledge on how to increase your YouTube engagements, video views, and subscribers organically and ethically.
  • YouTube video optimization strategies.
  • Thorough skills in essential technicalities of the YouTube website for publishing videos, playlists, and support channels.
  • Advantages and benefits of Youtube Video Marketing.
  • How to set up a YouTube channel.
  • How to link with Google Adwords.
  • Video optimization.
  • Adding Video description.
  • SEO strategies on YouTube.
  • Maintaining the YouTube channel.

Course Ranking Statistics

Here are some aggregate stats about the ranking:

  • Together, they account for 106,664 registrations and over 37,000 YouTube views.
  • The single most famous course in the ranking has over 90k views and enrollments.
  • 1 course is complimentary and 3 are paid.

Now, let’s go through the top preferences.

Best for Complete Beginners: YouTube 101 With Dan Britain

 YouTube 101 With Dan Britain

Even though YouTube’s official documentation covers what you require to get you begun, going over it can be tiring and oftentimes irritating. Having someone to inform you precisely what to do and in which order can be completely helpful. If that’s your case, you should think about taking the YouTube Academy 2023: Complete Newbie to Pro Step-by-Step course with Dan Britain on Udemy.
This paid course will teach you the ins and outs of setting up your account, utilizing analytics to boost your channel, and how to optimize keywords, titles, and thumbnails for finding. This course doesn’t cover some more current tools and features such as YouTube Shorts, but it is excellent to get you begun.

InstructorDan Britain
Workload6 hours
Enrollments91,945 students
Rating4.6 (2.499 ratings)

Best for SEO: Grow You Channel With SEO and Ads by Ahrefs

Grow You Channel With SEO and Ads by Ahrefs

Now it’s time to make sure your audience notices the content you are creating. At this point understanding about SEO and Ads will come in convenient. In this playlist, YouTube SEO by Ahrefs, you will understand how the creation, research, and experimentation method of creating ads for YouTube performs and how to execute it in your creative approach.
The playlist also covers study cases and practical tools that will guide you on how to make YouTube ads that result in higher engagement rate and watch time, how to get more subscribers, organize your videos by utilizing SEO optimization, YouTube keyword research, video marketing, and how to edit your videos for high engagement. Each lesson is about 15 minutes long and can be watched as stand-alone tutorials; You can go to the ones you feel most critical first and watch them in any order you like.

InstructorSam Oh (Ahrefs)
Workload2 hours
Views37k views
Rating500-1000 likes per video
CertificateNot available

Best for Campaigns: Promote Your Business Beyond YouTube With Jun Wu

Promote Your Business Beyond YouTube With Jun Wu

If your objective is to generate traffic to your business through YouTube Ads, Easy YouTube Google Ads – Marketing and Advertising Traffic with Jun Wu on Udemy is a wonderful course to set you on a good way. This course delivers a well-structured seven-step syllabus to direct you throughout the procedure of Ad creation, from making an account to keyword research, making a video based on that, following, and setting up your ad campaign.
Differently from Ahref’s course, Jun Wu’s content is concentrated on growing traffic to your business campaigns, not on growing your channel especially. So keep your clear business objectives in mind when choosing which of these two courses better address your requirements.

InstructorJun Wu
Workload9 hours
Enrollments14,584 students
Rating4.8 (477 ratings)

Best for Influencer Marketing: Working With Creators and Influencers With Alejandra Gonzalez

Working With Creators and Influencers With Alejandra Gonzalez

Performing with creators can be a fantastic way to promote your business and get your audience, but choosing which creators to partner with, how to approach them, and how to measure outcomes can be quite confusing. In Influencer Marketing: Design Social Media Campaigns, Alejandra Gonzales, gets her years of expertise in projects with brands and designers to teach you the basics on how to create successful influencer marketing campaigns.
During the course, you’ll learn how the influencer marketing ecosystem functions, how to build an influencer marketing technique, and how to discover the right influencer to partner with. You’ll also comprehend the fundamentals to grow and measure your influencer marketing campaigns.

Instructor(s)Alejandra Gonzalez Martínez de Escobar
Workload2 hours
Enrollments135 students

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