How to Activate Ok Google Lumos?: Guide

How to Activate Ok Google Lumos?

With the support of Google Assistant, google has supplied very cool and new features to its users, which are perfect to use. About the word Lumos, the news was circulated in January 2022 that if iPhone and Android users spell Lumos Maxima to Ok Google and Sri or Ok Google Lumos, then it will automatically be switched on the flashlight of their smartphones. If they say the word Nox, then the flashlight of their smartphone will be turned off.

As per the information from some of the sources, we came to know that the attractive OK Google Lumos elements have been presented to reckon the reunion of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts. This feature is created by both Google and Warner Bros jointly.

For more in-depth details regarding Ok Google Lumos, just keep reading the following report.

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

In the stories and films of Harry Potter, the word Lumos Maxima is utilised. The tip of the wand lights up on the wand when the word lumos Maxima is spelled so by the magician so that this light will be useful for the magician to see in the dark.

After some time, the news of turning on the flashlight of the iPhone came after speaking Lumos Maxima to Siri and Ok Google and to turn this light off the word nox is utilised to spell.

Process for Turning on Flashlight on Your iPhone

  • Unlock Ok Google or Siri on your iPhone.
  • Now just tap on it and speak Ok, Google Lumos Maxima.
  • After stating this, you will see that the flashlight of your smartphone will be turned on.
  • To turn the flashlight off, just spell Nox, and you will see that the flashlight will be turned off.

Some of the Spells of Harry Potter that work on both Android and iOS Phones

Lumos and Nox

By stating the spell Lumos Maxima and Lumos, it has been tested by every harry potter fan at least once to turn on the flashlight of their mobile phones. This feature will not function on home appliances, but yes, it will work on your smartphones.

Spelling the word is super comfortable and works amazingly on both iPhones and Android mobile phones in the same manner. For this, there is Siri for Apple users, and there is Google Assistant for Android once.


We saw that the word accio is utilised to bring any non-movable object to the caster which may or may not be in view. Using the word accio in Google Assistant and Siri by saying Hey Google or Hey Siri followed by the name of any of the individual apps will help in opening the app automatically.


to silence the toad in vain by Ron in Harry Potter to successfully mute a large raven silencio is utilised. Spelling Hey Google, OK Google or Hey Siri, tracked by the word silencio, will enable to mute the ringers and notification sounds on your mobile.


There are so many thrilling tricks and hacks by Google which are very worth testing, like Ok Google Lumos and many more. With the use of it, you can turn on and off the flashlight of your mobile phone very efficiently and quickly. The spell of Lumos works amazingly on both Android and iOS devices.

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