How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

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What is a sponsored post?

Brands pay for sponsored blog posts that feature their products and services. Sponsored Posts content is paid flat fees as opposed to affiliate marketing, where you are compensated based on sales.

Sponsored blog posts are a great way to make money for your blog. Sponsors are open to partnering with your blog and your platform, even if you have a small niche market. If you’re looking for sponsors, however, it can be hard to know where to start.

How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

1.Set up a sponsor page and media kit for your site

A media kit is another important element to have ready before you contact brands.

This file contains information about you, your blog, and details about its reach. It also includes details about your audience and prices. the payment method you accept and any other requirements you might want to share with a company before collaborating.

A media kit that is well designed not only saves time but also shows companies you take your blog and brand seriously. This is another important step towards obtaining Sponsored Posts on your blog.

2.Place an Advertisement Page on Your Blog

It is important that people know that your blog offers sponsorship packages. You can add a page on your website with information about the different ways companies can work together.

3.Create top-quality content that attracts sponsors

Quality content is the heart of your blog. With it, you can attract readers and loyal followers to your website. What’s more, with enough quality content, you can grow your audience and your platform – and brands may begin to take notice.

Your content should provide value to your readers. Your audience will determine what this value looks like, such as humorous stories or how-to articles. It should be shareable, interesting, and contain lots of links to great external and internal content.

4.You pitch brands

This partnership is my favorite because you can be proactive and make things happen. Also, the pay is better than that of influencer networks.

Pitching directly gives you more control over your ask/deliverables and you are able to sell yourself better by directly communicating with a company.

5.Increase your traffic numbers.

Growing your blog traffic should always be one of the goals you’re working on as it’s directly related to increasing your monthly income as a blogger too.

More Traffic means more clicks on ads (if they are on your site), and affiliate links. This will also mean more brands notice you and contact you to partner.

You can boost your traffic by getting to know your audience better, giving them the content they desire, optimizing articles for search engines, using social media, earning backlinks through writing great content and guest posting, and many other things.

6.Site  that Offer Sponsored Posts for Bloggers

Digital Treed is a website that offers sponsored blog posts and provides support for growing your network.


It collaborates closely with brands and influencers and offers a platform that allows them to communicate their message in a way that is appealing to consumers.



We hope you found this article helpful in explaining what sponsored posts are, how to use them to grow your site and make a few bucks.

Many bloggers make use of sponsored blog posts as a way to earn extra income. These can be a great way for you to add more content to your website and make money doing it. However, it is important to choose carefully who you work with.

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