[2023] Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp | Free Proxy Server List [Updated Recently]

[2023] Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp | Free Proxy Server List [Updated Recently]
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Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp: WhatsApp has undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on it for diverse purposes, making it one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. Over time, WhatsApp has constantly evolved, introducing new features that enhance its functionality. One such component is the Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp, which provides users with better accessibility and an improved user experience.

On Jan 5th, 2023, WhatsApp announced WhatsApp Proxy Server Support for all over the world WhatsApp users. and now users are looking for a Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp. With the new support, WhatsApp users can connect to WhatsApp through servers set up by organizations and volunteers worldwide.

WhatsApp Proxy is now going to give another freedom to the users. Below we will know that How to configure WhatsApp proxy Android, iOS, and desktops. but in this first, you need a Free WhatsApp Proxy Server List TXT.

Using the Free Proxy Server IP Address and Port Number you can connect the WhatsApp Proxy feature & download files for Android. which allows people to get connected via this app, especially in areas where the app is filtered by governments or other authorities.

What are WhatsApp Proxy Addresses and How They Work

Before diving into the list of proxy addresses for WhatsApp, let’s have a brief understanding of what a proxy address is and how it functions. In easy terms, a proxy acts as a bridge between the client (user) and the server, enabling the user to access various content on the internet. It serves as the intermediary that creates requests on behalf of the client.

The primary purpose of a WhatsApp Proxy address is to hide the client’s original IP address and present itself as the client’s IP address. This not only speeds up internet requests but also allows users to bypass certain restrictions and conserve anonymity online. Proxy servers play a crucial role in improving internet speed, unblocking websites, and ensuring online privacy.

The Role of WhatsApp Proxy Addresses

The Role of WhatsApp Proxy Addresses

You might wonder why WhatsApp works normally without the need for proxies. The answer lies in the fact that certain countries, like China, have restricted WhatsApp, making it inaccessible to users within their borders. In such cases, a proxy becomes indispensable. By hiding the user’s original IP address, a proxy makes it appear as if the user’s IP address is originating from a country where WhatsApp is not blocked.

With the use of a proxy address, users can access WhatsApp even in countries where it is otherwise restricted. This feature proves to be a useful tool, especially for individuals traveling to regions where WhatsApp services are unavailable.

[2023] Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp | Free Proxy Server List TXT

So if you’re seeing Free Proxy Servers and Free Proxy Server IP Addresses for WhatsApp. So now below you’ll get a List of Free Proxy Servers by Country for WhatsApp. The free WhatsApp proxy servers have an uptime of 80%.

List of Free Proxy Addresses for WhatsApp [2023]

Now, here’s our list of the top free proxy servers that you can select in 2023. List Updated with Latest Proxy Address on 11:03 AM (15th November 2023)…

IP AddressPortCodeCountryAnonymity ArabiaTransparent ArabiaNOA ArabiaAverage ArabiaElite (KPK)HIA (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)Elite (Islamabad)High Arab EmiratesTransparent Arab EmiratesHIA Arab EmiratesAnonymous Arab EmiratesHIA Arab EmiratesNOA KingdomAverage (Tehran)HIA proxy (Kabul)NOA proxy proxy Konganonymous proxy proxy Konganonymous Kingdomelite proxy proxy proxy proxy Kongelite proxy
List of Free Proxy Addresses for WhatsApp [2023]

Benefits of Using Free Proxy Addresses for WhatsApp

Using free proxy addresses for WhatsApp offers several benefits, including:

  • Bypassing Geographical Restrictions: If WhatsApp is blocked or restricted in your region, a free proxy can help you access the app without any limitations.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Your actual IP address stays hidden, making it more difficult for third parties to track your online activities.
  • Anonymity: Free proxies add an extra layer of anonymity, preventing websites and apps from identifying your real location.
  • Secure Communication: Proxies can encrypt your internet traffic, providing that your messages and calls on WhatsApp are secure.
  • Cost-effective: As the name suggests, free proxies don’t cost anything, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

How to Set WhatsApp Proxy on iPhone?

Step 1. First Update Your WhatsApp App to the Latest version from App Store.

Step 2. Open WhatsApp on Your iPhone.

Step 3. In the Chats tab, tap More Options> Settings.

Step 4. Tap Storage and Data > Proxy.

Step 5. Tap Use Proxy.

Step 6. Tap Set Proxy and enter the proxy address.

Step 7. Tap Save.

Step 8. A check mark will show if the connection is successful.

How to Set WhatsApp Proxy on Android?

  • First Update Your WhatsApp App to the latest version from the Play Store.
  • Open WhatsApp > Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Tap on Storage and Data > Proxy.
  • Tap on Use Proxy.
  • Enter the proxy address and tap Save to connect.
  • A check mark will show if the connection is successful.
  • If you are still unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages using a proxy, that proxy may have been blocked. Try again using a different proxy address.

Ensuring Privacy and Security with Proxy Addresses

One of the primary concerns when using proxy addresses is preserving privacy and security. Fortunately, WhatsApp addresses these concerns by providing end-to-end encryption for messages, ensuring that only you can access them. Additionally, proxy addresses themselves contribute to protecting privacy and security by hiding your original IP address.

When selecting a proxy address, it is crucial to choose a reputed and secure provider. Additionally, you may consider using additional privacy and security measures, such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network), to further improve your online safety.


This brings us to the end of this Free Proxy Address for WhatsApp guide. Please note that a free proxy address for WhatsApp can be a beneficial tool for you if you face any internet restrictions in your country or region. However, you must choose a reputable and secure provider and use additional privacy and security measures, such as a VPN to secure your online safety.

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