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Category: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

5 Best Fake Email generators 

Fake email generators are temporary mailboxes that allows to send and receive messages. You can use these online email generators to avoid leaking your confidential information, advertising mailings, send email without being tracked, and spam emails. Why use fake email generators? Here are important reasons…

Email Marketing

Webmail :How to Connect Webmail to Outlook 

Webmail (or web-based email) is an email service that can be accessed using a standard web browser. It contrasts with email service accessible through a specialised email client software. Examples of webmail providers are AOL Mail, Gmail, Mailfence,, Yahoo! Mail and IceWarp Mail Server.Software run by an…

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaign Examples For Beginner 

 Email marketing campaign Examples is a series of emails a business uses to communicate with current and potentials customers. They are used to persuade customers to engage with the company. Email marketing campaign Examples are an important part of inbound marketing. 1. Uber Uber’s Email marketing campaign Examples is very simple,…