Easy Ways to Connect Square with Woocommerce Plugin

Illustration showing a computer monitor displaying a credit card being inserted, next to a keyboard and a stack of cash and coins. The text above reads "Easy Ways To Connect Square With Woocommerce Plugin.

An online business owner using WooCommerce for his business’s online presence and selling products or services online must have a secure payment gateway integrated into his online WooCommerce store.

Did we say secure payment gateway? Then how can we forget to mention Square integration with WooCommerce online store?

Do you know?

  • The consumers will prefer to pay 30% via debit card, 28% via e-wallet, 2% via charge card, 17% via cash, and 22% via credit card by 2022.
  • Amazon is the most preferred shopping platform, and around 78% of buyers shop from this online shopping platform.
  • E-Commerce has taken the online payment transaction value up to 63% approximately.
  • It is estimated that eCommerce users will reach up to 1.2 billion in China, 291.2 million in the United States, and 569.8 million in Europe.
  • The digital payment transaction value 2020 and 2025 forecast is shown in the screenshot below.

  • 69% of Generation-Z users mostly use mobile banking applications daily or weekly, whereas 17% of baby boomers use mobile banking applications.
  • It is estimated that around 80% of Generation-Z users prefer to use social media for online shopping.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread over the global market, shoppers and buyers are hopping onto the online platforms where Square integration with WooCommerce will be a better choice if you start your online eCommerce business.

We have some better options for you to set up your payment gateways that are far better than others and, of course, secure and fast. Explore each of them and see which fits your needs.


1. Square Payment Gateway For WC Marketplace

The square payment gateway for WooCommerce Marketplace is a great combination of the well-known payment gateway and the well-known eCommerce marketplace. With this combination, the admin can easily connect the Square account and do vendor authorization through the Oauth options in the Square application.

This combination also helps share the dues between the vendor and the administrator separately via the Square payment gateway. Each level of a website owner can use the Square integration with the WooCommerce marketplace.


  • It is easy to install and configure.
  • Both admin and vendor can easily collect their dues separately.
  • Admins can easily do authorization from the front end of the plugin.
  • Vendors can also be authorized for the Square account.

How to Install?

You can download this plugin here. Once it is downloaded, install and activate this plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Next, navigate to the WooCommerce → Settings → Payments → Square Gateway

Now, you need to will up the field that appears once you hop on to the Square gateway, as shown below in the screenshot.

Insert the credentials and OAuth application secret. Then, get permission from Square. To do so, click on the Authorize button, and you will be redirected to the Square dashboard for permission and login access.


2. Square Payment Gateway For WC Vendors

Anyone can easily build vendor websites by using WooCommerce. This plugin makes the Square integration with WooCommerce to set up a payment gateway for the vendors’ websites. With this integration, the website admin and vendor can easily perform the selling and purchasing process using the safest and secure payment gateway.

Moreover, the Oauth option authorizes the vendors, which can be done in the Square application dashboard. Also, it shares the dues between the admin and vendor segregated. The vendor’s square account can be connected by clicking on the Authorize button.


  • It is easy to use and configure. No coding is required to set up this plugin.
  • Admin can easily gather information from the integrated square account for any transaction.
  • Use the front end of this plugin for any kind of authorization.
  • The authorization of vendors must be done for any square account.

How to Install?

You can download this plugin here. Once it is downloaded, install and activate this plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Now, navigate to the Shop Settings → click on the Authorize this application button to connect the vendor’s Square account. For this connection, you must log in to your vendor account, and once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the vendor location ID.

The screenshot above shows how to do it.


3. WooCommerce Square up Payment Gateway Pro

To accept any simple or recurring payment, you can use this combination of WooCommerce with Square payment gateway. Square integration with Commerce enables your customers to pay for any products they purchase from your WooCommerce online store.

To do so, you must have a WooCommerce subscription plugin installed on your WordPress website. This is a pro plugin and fulfills all your payment requirements.


  • It enables you to accept simple and recurring payments securely and fastly.
  • It enables you to accept payments for subscription products.
  • Subscription amount and date changes for the subscription process.
  • Users are allowed to save their information at checkout for the purchase in the future; it is called tokenization.
  • Users are allowed to purchase more than one subscription at the same time.
  • The refunds will be made via the Square application.
  • Get the subscription payments that have already been made in WooCommerce.
  • Administrators can change the payment methods.

How to Install?

Download this plugin and go to your WordPress dashboard. Now navigate to the Plugins → Add New and click on the Upload button. Choose a file from your local computer where the plugin archive file is located. Next, click on the Install Now button.

Now, navigate to the WooCommerce → Settings, click on the Checkout tab, and select Square recurring from the checkout options. Scroll down a bit, and you will fill in the Test Application ID, Test Token, and Test Location ID.

To find out these details, you need to log in to your developer account.

4. WooSquare Plus

It is the best way to synchronize your WooCommerce store with your Square platform for payment process automation. The Square integration with the WooCommerce store helps in collecting payments using the Square payment gateway.

You can use this plugin for selling simple and variable products digitally. Moreover, you can simply manage refunds between WooCommerce and Square payment gateway.


  • Manage your products and inventories.
  • It is supported for variable products, which means you can easily manage the variations.
  • Send dynamic customized notes with each transaction.
  • Synchronize your customers from both sides.
  • ApplePay and GooglePay support are available.

How to Install?

To get the comprehensive documentation, click here.


Wrap Up

We have discussed all the easy ways to connect Square with the WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, the ways show the Square integration with WooCommerce in depth. Check out all the ways and see which fits your requirements.

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