PUBG Mobile Updates 2020 is introducing this new ‘mode’ on April 16

Three characters from PUBG Mobile stand in front of a futuristic backdrop with neon lights. Text reads "PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary" at the center.

From the one-line description and the latest teased picture of the ‘mode’, it would seem that Cold Front Survival would be set in an icy region like how it is in the Vikendi map. The photo shows a player holding the hand of his/her comrade-in-battle,

with two more players in the background who look like they belong to the same team. All of them are caught in snowfall or what could be a blizzard too. The description says, “Things are getting a bit…chilly here”.

PUBG Mobile Updates 2020 is introducing this new mode

In another tweet made through the official account of PUBG Mobile some hours before, the picture shared showed a drone in the icy regions of Cold Front Survival. The tweet seems to have been deleted but we have a screenshot.

Use of drones could be ascribed to the fact that PUBG Mobile’s rival game, Call of Duty: Mobile, already allows players to use a surveillance drone if they choose the Mechanic class in its battle royal mode, and that PUBG Mobile may have lapped up this idea of employing drones. Call of Duty:

Mobile’s Scout class can make use of sensor darts to reveal the location of enemies in a small radius with the help of thermal imaging. Opposed to PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile splits the four teammates into four different classes. The various classes available are Scout, Medic, Ninja, Mechanic, Airborne, Trickster etc.

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