Choose the Right SMTP Relay for Your Business


Hey everyone, are you looking for the best SMTP host for your business? If yes, then you are absolutely on the right page.

Because in this article we are going to discuss the SMTP, SMTP Relay server, and the best SMTP for your local or branded business.

If you are confused among the SMTP and SMTP relay then don’t miss out on any of the topics and lines in this article below. Because we are going to discuss the point to point detail of every single topic we will discuss in this article.

So, go through the topics list that we will cover below. So,  the topics that we are going to cover in this article are: –

  • What is SMTP?
  • What is SMTP Relay? How is it different from SMTP?
  • Which can be the best SMTP for your business?
  • Conclusion

So, by not wasting any more time, here we are going to start and cover all these topics in detail below. So let’s get started.

What is SMTP?

SMTP is known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP’s task is to collect the message from the mail-sender and deliver it to the receiver of the email. SMTP uses an address which is your server address to send your message from your server to the receiver’s server.

If you want to find your server address, then you can find it on the account or settings section of your device.

Let’s take the example of Gmail, Gmail has its SMTP address as If we talk about POP and IMAP, SMTP is a protocol, which is used to send and deliver the email from sender to receiver, as SMTP is a push protocol, it put the message in the queue if the server is busy, and send it when the server gets free, but when the server takes longer time to get free, SMTP sent a message back to the sender as MAIL NOT SENT.

What is SMTP Relay? How is it different from SMTP?

Now you are aware of SMTP and it’s time to discuss what is SMTP Relay and how it is different from SMTP? So let’s directly jump to the point without wasting any second of time.

SMTP Relay is the process of transferring the message from the sender’s server to the receiver’s server. Yes, SMTP Relay is quite different from the SMTP.

SMTP is the complete process of sending the message from the sender to the receiver. Whereas SMTP Relay is a short process that occurs between the process of SMTP.

The SMTP Relay service basically works on two factors or steps, are as mentioned below: –

  1. It receives the message/mail from the sender’s SMTP server.
  2. It sends the message/mail to the receiver’s SMTP Server.

Let’s better understand SMTP Relay with an example. Suppose there are two users A and B. User A is using the mail server of Google and User B is using the mail server of Yahoo. So, here are two different servers, one is Google and the other is Yahoo. When user A sends mail then the mail will be sent from Google Server to Yahoo Server (to the server of user B). So the process of sending the mail from the Google server to the Yahoo server is known as SMTP Relay.

Which can be the best SMTP for your business?

So, here the question arises, which is the best SMTP Relay service providers for your business emails. So the answer to this question is, we recommend you to try and check out the services of the Duocircle SMTP Host.

Duocircle provides you with a variety of email security services. The pricing and plan start from $0 to $900.

Choosing the SMTP server for your business means that you are going to have all your business email secure and there are very few chances to get attacked on your business email and get your important data stolen.


Before we wrap up this article and we say thank you. Let’s go through a brief about the SMTP and SMTP Relay server.

SMTP is a process of sending the message from the sender’s mailbox to the receiver’s mailbox.

On the other hand, SMTP Relay [Also check SendGrid Relay Service is a process of keeping the message from the sender’s server and sending it to the receiver’s server.

So, we hope you get helpful and informative information from this article and this article will help you somewhere.

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