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Author: Eram Naim

Light Therapy Technology

Evolution of the Light Therapy Technology 

Light therapy technology has managed to gain a lot of attention from people in recent times, but the history of light therapy is not brief. It is possible that in the past, when life therapy didn’t have much popularity, you might have heard that there is a therapy that can really help with different skin diseases, and depression too, to some extent. But you ruled out the idea of using it due to your doubt and hesitation, considering its little recognition.

Vivek Bindra IBC | Independent Business Consultant 

What is IBC Bada Business ? IBC stands for Independent Business Consultant.As an IBC, you work independently and earn high commission by selling products of Bada Business. Primary Responsibility of an IBC is to recommend Bada Business courses to prospective buyers like entrepreneurs, startups, businessman, students, working…