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classplus app review

Examining for Classplus app review? This report is for you!
I have tested the apps developed by Classplus. I also discussed with the Classplus team, they explained every feature of the app.
Today, I am going to show you a very in-depth review of Classplus which will assist you in deciding whether Classplus is a good fit for your coaching business or not.
Ready? Fantastic.

What is Classplus?

Classplus is a platform that lets you create your own Android & iOS apps to market your online courses. You can use your app to conduct live classes.

No coding is required to build your own app. Within a few days, you can get your custom app ready and start leading online.

With Classplus, go live, you can host, and send marketing notifications.

Plus, you’ll have the user’s contact details so you can send SMS or WhatsApp messages to notify them about your product/service.

Let’s talk about some of the most useful features that Classplus offers.

Classplus Features

Classplus offers many features that will assist you in marketing your course effectively. As you know, anyone can take courses but not everybody is capable of selling.

Classplus delivers you with a combination of tools and techniques that will help you manage and market your coaching business without stressing about tech hassle.


Inside the Classplus app, you can set up a shop where you can list all the courses you have. So your students can decide which course they need.

It’s like Amazon, where we all buy products. Having the course catalogue will boost the sales.

For instance, if you have ten distinct courses, you can add all of them to a single page. That’s the strength of having a store. The more students see your courses, the more cash you’ll make. 

Live classes

Are you required to take daily live classes? No issue! Classplus offers “Going live” functionality.

Your students can enter the LIVE class using your app or Zoom platform.

Yes, Classplus combines with the Zoom platform!

Don’t stress, you can go live with a specific set of students. You can categorise the students by creating numerous batches.

Your live session is “SSL secure + zero data piracy,” Classplus shares.

Conduct online tests

You can easily create, upload and assign online tests to your students. You can also utilise the auto-correction feature.

Auto-correction will allow your students to get the right answers after finishing the test.

Your Own Website

Classplus presents a website as well. Let me tell you, this website will be very basic. Don’t have high anticipations.

The Classplus site will be a model of your Classplus application. The Classplus website will have identical features that you get in the Classplus app.

The Classplus website is useful if your student doesn’t have the app downloaded on their device.

In that case, they can purchase and access your course using the website.


You can track your student’s actions. Let’s state that you take daily live classes and you desire all your students to attend that class.

But if some students don’t attend that class, you can smoothly track it from the platform.

You can track how many students have attempted and finished the assigned tests.

Marketing Dashboard

With Classplus app, marketing becomes super comfortable. If your app is installed on your student’s device.

Inside the marketing dashboard, you can inform your students about the live class, any further course or some useful update.

If you have the Classplus message pack, then your students will receive a message as well.

When you purchase the Classplus app, you get FREE 10000 messages.

After that, if you like to use SMS then you have to pay per message which costs 0.15 paisa/SMS.

So far, we’ve talked so many useful things about Classplus!

Now, let’s talk about some drawbacks you get with Classplus app.

Classplus Disadvantages

Every product has some drawbacks. I am going to mention all of them here so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Lack of customisation

I agree that Classplus presents a lot of functions.

But, you can’t customize the app to 100%.

For sure, you can adjust the app icon, name, user interface colour, fonts etc.

However, if you like to make big changes then the Classplus app might not be a right fit for your coaching business.

For instance, if you want to modify the whole layout of the application, you can’t do it (At the time of reporting this article).

You don’t own the application code

If you hire a developer to create your app, you’ll own the code. Later you can utilise the same code for other app development.

With Classplus, you DO NOT hold the app code.

Unfortunately, if the company shuts down, your app will be moved. You can’t do anything. You’ll be left with your student’s contact details only.

All the app downloads, courses and content can disappear within a few seconds. If the company falls.

Can’t publish apps under your developer account

If you understand a little bit about app development, you’ll be able to relate to me.

So, on the Google Play Store, each app is posted under a developer account.

All the apps developed by Classplus are published under their developer account. Which is not right.

Can’t embed third-party videos

If you want to embed your videos hosted on a distinct platform like Vimeo or Wistia, you can’t implant them inside your application.

In our case, all the videos were hosted on Vimeo (A video hosting provider), so we couldn’t implant in the app.

Can’t Customize Message Sender Name

If your learners sign up in the app, they will obtain an OTP, you can’t customize the sender name.

If you’re alright with it, then go for Classplus.

Classplus App payment integration

Nowadays, Classplus keeps one payment gateway which is RazorPay.

If you’re utilising other payment gateways like Instamojo, Paytm, Cashfree or others, Classplus may not be fit for you.

However, making an account on RazorPay is super straightforward. You can have your RazorPay account prepared within a few minutes and ready to collect payments.

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How will you receive the money?

Once you have the RazorPay account prepared, you have to connect the RazorPay account with Clasplus app.

Whenever your scholars pay for the course, your money will be collected by RazorPay, then they will send the money to your bank account. Easy, huh?

Per Transaction Charges

Here we use RazorPay for managing payments. RazorPay doesn’t charge any upfront money to begin collecting payments.

RazorPay charges you 2.6% per transaction. For instance, your student pay ₹1,000/-

You’ll get the money after deducting 2.6% which is ₹974 in your bank account, you’ll obtain.

Almost every payment gateway in India charges a certain % of a transaction.

If I talk about Instamojo they charge 3% + ₹3 per transaction.

You got the point, correct?

Classplus App after sale service

Classplus delivers phone and WhatsApp support. You can instantly chat with Classplus support team or ask a callback.

Classplus support is honourable. You will value their support!

How is Classplus app service for an educational business?

According to my knowledge, Classplus apps are very durable and come with a smooth user interface.

Classplus app works in nearly every android device seamlessly.

Plus, Classplus delivers almost everything you would require to run a successful coaching business from hosting video lectures, live classes, payment collection online tests, and messaging options for your scholars.

If you’re somebody who wants to begin an online coaching business but is not so techy, go for Classplus.

Classplus App Pricing

Classplus app pricing is pretty easy. Classplus has two plans:

  • Basic plan which commands ₹8,000 per year
  • Complete plan which commands ₹12,000 per year

Both plans come with unlimited courses and learners. There are some restrictions you face in the Classplus basic plan.

However, Classplus’ base plan is more than sufficient to get started with online coaching.

Later, when you earn money, you can boost to a higher plan.

Classplus App Demo

In this section, I am gonna convey a basic demo of the Classplus application.

Classplus app user interface

When you first download the application, you have to sign up using your phone number.

Then enter your name. There is an opportunity to sign in as a parent.

Complete the signup procedure.

In the header, you’ll see a menu and notification icon.

On the homepage of the app, you can see numerous options, like watching videos, studying material, offline download practice now, and checking performance. After that, there are some promo videos.

Then you’ll get to see the course section.

Then there is the “Test of the Week” area. From this section, you can track how many of your students tried the online tests.

Finally, at the base, you get an option to share the app.

At the lowest section of the app, you can see some tabs for instance, home, store, chats and profile.

Let’s dive deep in each feature of Classplus


When you click on Menu, you’ll see the following choices:

  • Your name and profile icon
  •  Organization code
  •  Free tests
  • Offline downloads
  •  Study material
  •  Students testimonials
  •  How to use the App
  •  Privacy Policy
  •  Share on Facebook button
  • My calendar
  •  Edit profile
  •  Payments
  •  Settings


Here your learners can see all the notifications about the live class, necessary updates etc.


In the store, your students can see the unrestricted courses and can search it or filter by topics.

If they like to sign up for the course, they can buy it from the store.


Here your learners can ask queries and clear their doubts via chat.


Here your students can see their basic details, like name, phone number, and email.

If they desire, they can edit their details.

Then there are a few other subsections such as,

  • Parents information,
  •  Education details
  • Personal details,
  •  Address,

From the Profile section, your trainees can see their batches, courses, payments, performance, and agistments.

These are the features you gain with the Classplus application.

Advantages of Classplus App for Educators

  • No coding is required to build your app
  •  Every tech hassle Classplus will handle
  •  Complete marketing dashboard to sell your course easily
  •  Get everything you require to build, sell, host and manage your coaching program under one platform
  •  Reasonable pricing
  •  Unlimited courses and scholars

Classplus competitors

Classplus has many competitors, some of them are natural competitors and many are indirect competitors.

The closest competitor I can discover of Classplus is SmartOwls. They provide almost identical functions that Classplus presents.

Which is better, Smart Owls or ClassPlus

I feel that SmartOwls is a duplicated version of Classplus. I would highly suggest you to go with Classplus.

SmartOwls is a absolutely new company compared to Classplus.

Classplus indirect competitor

If you’re looking to use a 100% customisable course hosting platform, I would suggest go with Podia.

I have been operating Podia for my clients and it’s a fantastic company.

Of course, it will cost you money but the user interface is superior. You and your users will value it.

What are the best coaching apps?

There are so many coaching apps like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy,edX and many more.

On top of that, there are hundreds of apps and websites which you can use to create your coaching program.

You have to see what your needs are based on that you can select the platforms to run your coaching business.

Classplus app reviews

To get a 100% real review, let’s see the average rating on the apps that are built by Classplus. This will provide you with a fair idea about Classplus app quality.



As you can see, some reviews are negative. Even famous apps like WhatsApp and Facebook receive unfavourable ratings.

Is Classplus right for my coaching business or not?

It relies on your needs. If you require a 100% customisable website and app then Classplus might not be a good Suitable for you.

However, if you’re satisfied with Classplus features like LIVE classes, store, website, unlimited courses and students then go for Classplus.

How to make money on Classplus?

Classplus is for hosting your coaching business. If your users purchase your coaching program, then you earn money. You will deliver the coaching through the Classplus app.

Easy, right?

You gotta sell your coaching program to earn money! Classplus will help you in producing, marketing and managing your coaching business.

How to sign up for Classplus app?

Signing up for Classplus is straightforward. Fill in your details like Name, Institute and phone number.

Classplus growth executive will deliver you all the details about the app.

Then they will mail you a contract, in which everything is mentioned, like when you’ll reach the app, how things will work, costs, etc.

Once you have read the agreement, sign it and finish the payment after a week or so, your app will be prepared.

You can begin uploading the content on your app and customize it as per your requirements. And start sharing the app, so your users can download your app.


In today’s principle, I talked about major parts of the Classplus app. I have communicated my own experience of using the app.

Plus all the elements that are needed to make an informed decision.

Eram Naim, with 4 years of experience in content marketing and 2 years in digital marketing, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of In addition to his role as COO, he also functions as the Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor, showcasing his versatility and expertise across multiple domains within the company.