Instagram vs. TikTok : A detailed review

Instagram vs. TikTok : A detailed review
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The usage of social media platforms is too much in our lives. People all over the world are busy in using them for different purposes. Among all the different platforms today we will discuss the two most popular platforms which are trending in all age groups is Instagram and TikTok.

The discussion between these two apps is just a sort of comparison between their features. The features that are available for the users and how much they are attractive and persuasive and specially to buy followers on Instagram and TikTok.


This social media app was first launched on October 6, 2010. The Instagram is owned by Facebook. This app has almost 1 billion active users just in a month. Through this platform what you can do is just sharing videos and photos. Instagram updated itself with three different features after seeing the popularity of tik-tok. The reason is sharing of videos and photos and getting likes and comments on it is not enough. This was a very limited way to interact with other people.

The Instagram has three video sharing features.

IGTV: This platform is like YouTube here which serves long content.

Stories: They are designed for short-term videos like snap chat.

Reel: They are for in-feed and short-term video in which music can also be added.


The TikTok was found in 2014, which is basically a video streaming and sharing app. In the recent years of its launch it was known as, and then it was known as Byte Dance. In 2019 it is known as with its new name TikTok.

The most attractive feature of this app is lip-sync videos. This feature attracts most of the youngsters and other people who in reality want to be artists but did not get a chance. In a video of 60 seconds, people do different things such as dance on video, lip sync and dialogues, skits and make different commentary videos about societies. These features have made the faces of people turn towards this app, and it is proved by its inflated usage.

On 2021 January, the downloading rate of TikTok is about 2.6 billion times. The growth was increasing during the pandemic because during the lock down this app proves the best source of entertainment for everyone. During this pandemic phase this is the most downloaded app in the world. The 64% Instagram user’s age ranges from 18-34, in which mostly are women and college degree holders. But in TikTok the main users of this app is under the age of 18, which meant too young audience. The 79% brands are using the Instagram platform for their brand publicity. Instagram is the best platform for the market competition. By using this platform, they can target the specific gender, location and age.

Massive followers

Like other social platforms, the users of the TikTok and Instagram also want to get instagram followers to make their account viral. As TikTok is a newcomer as compared to Instagram, so rate of getting of Instagram followers doesn’t show that Instagram is more trending and popular among users. There is quite a large difference of years in their launching.

Other differences

There are other differences as well between these two apps. There is a wide selection of music which can be access by anyone on TikTok sound library. In the Instagram reel the business profiles can’t access the music features. The varieties of templates, effects and filters are more present on TikTok as compared to Instagram reels. The Instagram has a wide option for advertisement payments compared to tik-tok. The TikTok offer the paid option on the following things such as challenges on brands, branded effects and take overs and top views and in-feed ads.

The algorithm of the TikTok for “your page’’ is much more advanced than the Instagram “discover’’ page. This page of TikTok is more customizable to meet the user’s interest and the vertical screen in TikTok helps in better scrolling.

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