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Welcome to JNB Nivas Login 2023, your gateway to the world of amazing prospects at AP Residential Schools & Hostels! Get prepared to launch on an educational journey like no other, where superiority meets invention, and plans are changed into reality. Whether you’re a student aiming for quality education, a parent seeking their child’s cheerier future, or a lover eager to explore the kingdom of knowledge, JNB Nivas is here to assign you.

Step into the kingdom of JNB Nivas also comprehended as Jnana Bhumi Login, where scholars and teams of Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools and Hostels unclose many services at their fingertips. Seamlessly access the broad range of features, including attendance tracking, personalized diet programs, and important information. With JNB Nivas, remaining connected and reported has always been challenging. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this creative platform, designed to improve the educational journey for all.

With the seamless login experience at jnbnivas.apcfss.in. be prepared to unlock the treasure trove of interesting learning environments, exceptional skills, and the nurturing society that fosters growth and success. Join us as we launch on this remarkable adventure, where education meets motivation and endless possibilities await. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of JNB Nivas, where your imaginations take flight!

What is JNB Nivas:

Discover the creative world of JNB Nivas, the state-of-the-art web portal the Government of Andhra Pradesh presented to transform the administration of residential schools and hostels throughout the area. This creative platform is accessible through the JNB Nivas login page at jnbnivas.apcfss.in, operates as a comprehensive solution catering to the various needs of students and educational organizations alike.

JNB Nivas is committed to the improvement of someone from Andhra Pradesh, aiming to facilitate positive change and promote a nurturing environment for academic growth. By linking students, colleges, and universities within the strong network, the portal catalyzes collaboration and details sharing.


One of the prior objectives of the JNB Nivas web portal is to improve the efficiency and efficacy of day-to-day operations in residential academies and hostels. Through its user-friendly interface and progressive features, the portal allows institutions to seamlessly manage different aspects of their operations, from attendance tracking to administrative duties.

Learners, the heart of the education system, help immensely from the JNB Nivas portal. They acquire access to a wealth of resources, including academic knowledge, personalized support, and interactive platforms that encourage engagement and growth. With JNB Nivas, students can conveniently stay updated on their attendance records, access necessary announcements, and even help themselves of specialized services such as personalized diet strategies.

On the other hand, educational institutions leverage the power of JNB Nivas to optimize their administrative procedures and provide smooth functioning. The portal offers extensive tools for generating reports, managing student data, and facilitating effective communication between administrators, faculty, and parents. By streamlining operations, institutions can give more time and resources toward delivering quality education and holistic growth to their students.

In nature, JNB Nivas stands as the transformative force in the educational landscape of Andhra Pradesh, showing in this new era of connectivity, efficiency, and improvement. Its powerful web portal educational institutions,  empower students, and the entire community to assume the power of technology, collaboration, and creation. With JNB Nivas, the future of education in Andhra Pradesh is cheerier than ever before.

What is the JNB Nivas Login Page

The JNB Nivas Login Page is the web portal that delivers access to the JNB Nivas system. It is the access point for students, attendants, and educational institutions associated with Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools and Hostels. The login page lets authorized users to securely log in to their accounts and access the broad range of services and features delivered by JNB Nivas.

By logging in through the JNB Nivas Login Page, users can access details related to attendance tracking, diet plans, announcements, academic records, and other important resources. The login page guarantees that only authorized individuals with valid credentials can access the system, securing data privacy and security.

Overall, the JNB Nivas Login Page is the gateway for users to interact with the JNB Nivas system, facilitating efficient management and contact within the educational ecosystem of Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools and Hostels.

Overview of JNBNivas.apcfss Portal

Portal Information:

  • Name of Portal: JNB Nivas Portal 2023
  • Title: JNB Nivas Login 2023
  • Category: Login
  • Subject: AP Residential Schools & Hostels Login 2023
  • JNB Nivas Portal: apcfss.in
  • Jnanabhumi Website: https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/

Qualities of JNB Nivas

Attendance Tracking:

Remain on top of attendance needs with JNB Nivas Login 2023. Efficiently track your attendance to secure academic compliance and keep good standing.

Diet Plans:

JNB Nivas Login 2023 offers access to personalized diet strategies. Tailored to unique nutritional needs, these plans encourage healthy eating habits and overall well-being.

Medical Reports:

Access your medical reports effortlessly through JNB Nivas Login 2023. This element proves invaluable for students addressing chronic health conditions or seeking medical attention for diseases or injuries.

Fee Payments:

Make hassle-free fee expenses online with JNB Nivas Login 2023. Enjoy the comfort and security of online transactions, evading late payment penalties.

Transport Information:

Stay knowledgeable about transportation possibilities to and from school with JNB Nivas Login 2023. This feature helps in timely commuting, guaranteeing students reach their goals without delays.

Contact Information:

Connect smoothly with staff and fellow students via JNB Nivas Login 2023. Access contact components to reach out for help or connect with classmates.

JNB Nivas Login Advantages:


JNB Nivas Login 2023 provides a suitable method to access critical information and services, providing a smooth user experience.

Secure Access:

Your JNB Nivas account is shielded by a password and OTP system, providing the security of your login credentials and personal data.

User-Friendly Interface:

The website presents a user-friendly interface with clear navigation, making it straightforward to find the information and services you require.

Free of Charge:

JNB Nivas Login 2023 is complimentary to use, letting you access all the portal without any fees or costs.

Experience the comfort, security, and user-friendly nature of JNB Nivas Login 2023 as you unlock a globe of information, services, and possibilities.

How to do JNB Nivas Login 2023

Simplified Access with JNB Nivas Login: Unlocking the Potential

Step: 1 Visit the official website

Start your JNB Nivas login journey by visiting Jnana Bhumi Andhra Pradesh (https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/). This is where you will see the gateway to your JNB Nivas account.

Step: 2 Click on Nivas Login Button

On the homepage of the authorized website, encounter and click on the Nivas Login button. This will lead you to the dedicated JNB Nivas login portal.

Step: 3 Enter Your User Credentials

Once you get the JNB Nivas login portal, it’s time to enter your user credentials. Provide your Aadhaar number and password in the specified fields.

Step: 4 Complete the Security Verification (Captcha)

As a safety measure, you may experience the captcha verification procedure. Follow the instructions delivered to complete the captcha and guarantee the protection of your JNB Nivas account.

Step: 5 Click on the “Login” Button

After documenting your user credentials and passing the security confirmation, locate the “Login” button on the login page. Click on it to move with logging in to your JNB Nivas account.

Step: 6 Access Your JNB Nivas Account

Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to your JNB Nivas account. Take full benefit of the various features and services delivered by JNB Nivas. Update your profile information, research available options, and make the most of the functionalities tailored to your requirements.

Your educational journey in Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools & Hostels becomes more unrestricted and suitable with the amazing JNB Nivas login portal. Embrace the strength of this JNB online platform and unlock its vast prospect for your development and success through jnbnivas.apcfss.in.

How to change the JNB Nivas Password

To modify your JNB Nivas password, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the authorized website of JNB Nivas.
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password” link.
  4. Document your Aadhaar number and mobile number.
  5. Obtain a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile number.
  6. Document the OTP and click on the “Submit” button.
  7. Create a unique password for your JNB Nivas account.

Janam Bhumi

The Jnana Bhumi portal delivers valuable support to economically underprivileged students who work to find affordable accommodation while seeking higher education.

Receiving suitable housing can be a financial burden, specifically with tuition fees. The Jnana Bhumi Scholarship desires to make a meaningful distinction in the lives of desiring individuals by delivering them with access to grade education.

Under this scholarship scheme, the government of Andhra Pradesh raises scholarships, hostels, and residential schools to guarantee that young students acquire a well-rounded education.

Through the Jnana Bhumi portal, the state government efforts to create a nurturing environment that assigns students to overcome economic barriers and succeed academically. Our purpose is to empower students by providing them with the critical tools and resources needed to achieve their educational goals through jnb nivas.apcfss.injnbnivas.

Jhana Bhumi Portal: Empowering Education in Andhra Pradesh

Jhana Bhumi Portal, presented by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, is the pioneering Smart Education Portal. Founded in 2017 by Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, this JNBNivas login online platform desires to provide a unified space for all educational services catering to students, universities, and colleges across Andhra Pradesh.

Seamless Access with Jnana Bhumi Login

  • Jnana Bhumi Login delivers the user-friendly system for students, universities, and colleges to access the Jhana Bhumi Portal.
  • To log in to Jnana Bhumi, users must document their user ID and password.
  • User IDs and passwords can be induced by registering on the portal.
  • The login procedure is secure, providing personalized access to helpful resources and services available on the portal.

Jnana Bhumi AP Scholarship for Students

The AP Government has presented the Jnana Bhumi AP Students Scholarship to deliver useful assistance to students seeking higher education. To profit from the scholarship, students can register on the authorized Jnana Bhumi portal, jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in, which is the platform for accessing this government enterprise.

This scholarship program especially aims to support disadvantaged students from different categories, including Minority Welfare, Backward Community Welfare, Tribal Welfare, and Social Welfare, in their pursuit of higher education.

For complete knowledge about the Jnana Bhumi AP Students Scholarship, including contact numbers and the registration procedure, students can see the Jnana Bhumi Nivas web portal. It functions as the one-stop destination for all appropriate details about the scholarship program.

If you are studying in a residential school or hostel in Andhra Pradesh, opportunities are you are already registered on this portal. Through the Jnana Bhumi portal, students in residential schools or hostels can conveniently use different scholarship schemes operating their attendance ID.

To begin the scholarship application procedure, students can access the Jnana Bhumi AP Students Scholarship Application Renewal or Jnana Bhumi AP Students Scholarship Fresh Web Portal, both unrestricted at jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in. These portals deliver the seamless experience for students to continue their current applications or submit new applications for the scholarship program.

Required Documents for JNB Scholarship Registration:

To meet the SAF (Student Aadhar Fund) form for JNB Nivas Scholarship registration, the subsequent documents and details are needed:

  • A copy of the student’s Aadhar Card is required for identification objectives.
  • Deliver the bank account details of the scholar, including the account number and bank name.
  • Connect a photocopy of the first page of the student’s bank account passbook, which includes the account holder’s name and account number.
  • Include the Meeseva Caste Certificate Number given by the relevant authority.
  • Provide a correct mobile number that can be used for communication and updates concerning the scholarship.
  • Enter the student’s email address for correspondence and receive necessary notifications.
  • Abandon the White Ration Card or Income Certificate Number as needed by the application.

These documents and details are required for a successful JNB Nivas Scholarship registration. Confirm you have all the necessary information and documentation ready to finish the SAF form accurately.

Applying for AP Nivas Scholarship: Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for the AP Nivas Scholarship, follow the procedures outlined below:

Confirm your Aadhar card details are verified and connected to your bank account for seamless processing.

Maintain a single mobile number throughout the process:

It is important to use a single mobile number always throughout the scholarship application process without altering it.

Fill and submit the Scholarship Application Form (SAF) during the college admission process:

In a time of applying for college admission, complete and submit the SAF form as part of the application procedure.

Obtain the SAF form:

The SAF form can be received from different sources, such as welfare offices of banks, district or college offices, and the JNB Niwas web portal. Confirm you have a copy of the form for the records.

Submit the SAF form manually:

The filled SAF form is required to be submitted manually. Follow the instructions furnished by your college or relevant authorities for submitting the form.

Integrate your mobile number and email address:

During the scholarship payment procedure, your mobile number and email address will be combined to enable smooth communication and disbursement of scholarship funds.

Following these instructions, you can apply for the AP Nivas Scholarship. Confirm that you fulfill all the requirements and deliver authentic information to maximize the probabilities of receiving the scholarship advantages.

AP Residential Schools & Hostels Scheme Goes Digital

The AP Residential Schools & Hostels Scheme has executed the streamlined admission procedure through the Jnanabhumi and JNB Nivas Portals. These portals now facilitate admissions to the Social Welfare and other Welfare Department-run residential academies and hostels.

With the automation of the admission procedure, applying for admission has become more clear and efficient. Additionally, the automation of the diet administration has allowed better monitoring of keeping with policy stipulations regarding food delivery to the hostel borders.

Gratitude to these advancements, the AP Residential Schools & Hostels Scheme has gained enhanced operational efficiency, providing a smoother and more transparent experience for both students and hostel management.

Advantages of Jnana Bhumi Login

Jnana Bhumi Login delivers numerous advantages as a suitable and user-friendly platform for accessing different educational services the Government of Andhra Pradesh provides. Once logged in, you can appreciate the following services through the portal:

  • Scholarships: Research and apply for various scholarship possibilities through the Jnana Bhumi portal.
  • Hostels: Access details about hostels and their facilities, including the application procedure.
  • Admissions: Stay modernized on admission-related announcements and processes for colleges and universities.
  • Exam results: Review your exam results conveniently through the portal.
  • Attendance: Keep track of your attendance records and consider attendance-related details.
  • Fees: Access details regarding fee charges and payment history.
  • Transcripts: Appeal and obtain academic transcripts as required.

Jnana Bhumi Login assigns students, universities, and colleges by providing a complete platform that caters to their educational requirements in Andhra Pradesh. Enjoy the comfort and efficiency of this valuable resource for educational services.

Jnana Bhumi Login: A Guide to Accessing the Portal

To log in to the Jnana Bhumi portal, follow these straightforward and easy steps:

  • visit the Jnana Bhumi website: Visit the authorized Jnana Bhumi website at https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/ in your web browser.
  • Click on the “Login” tab: Look for the “Login” tab on the website’s navigation menu and click on it.
  • Document your user ID and password: On the login webpage, deliver your user ID and password in the specified fields. These credentials can be received during the registration time.
  • Click on the “Login” button: Once you have documented the user ID and password, click on the “Login” button to move.

Forgot your password? If you have overlooked your password, you can easily recover it by following these steps:

How to Forget the Password on JNB:

  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link: On the login webpage, click the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Document your user ID and registered mobile number: Deliver your user ID and the number registered with your Jnanabhumi account.
  • Reset your password: You will obtain a link on your registered mobile number to reset your password. Follow the shown instructions in the message to reset your password and recover access to your account.


In conclusion, the JNB Nivas Login portal and the AP Nivas Scholarship present valuable possibilities and resources for students in Andhra Pradesh. Through the user-friendly login system, scholars can access a range of features such as diet plans,  attendance tracking, and medical reports, improving their overall educational experience. The AP scholarship program desires to provide financial support to disadvantaged students seeking higher education, promoting equal chances for academic victory. By adhering to the application processes and presenting the required documents, students can avail of these scholarships’ valuable services and pave the path for a brighter future. 

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