Reseller Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting: A Comparison

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Are you thinking of starting your website? Have you done the visualization and other vital aspects of your website? There are many other things like themes, plugins and elements that you need to consider creating a website.

Also, you cannot ignore the web hosting aspect after the development process. Good web hosting is determined by its performance, good customer support, security, and storage space. As many web hosting options are available, choosing the best Linux reseller hosting or VPS hosting one for you is a tough job.

Today, to make your job easier, we will be comparing two prominent web hosting services, for their products cheap Reseller hosting and VPS. Dive deep into the facts of how they differ from each other.


What is the Reseller Hosting?

As a customer, if you are thinking of starting your web hosting business, reseller hosting is the right option to choose.

Users purchase web hosting plans from hosting providers and re-sell them further to their clients. In simpler terms, you are renting a storage space and bandwidth from a web hosting company and selling them as your own.

MilesWeb is one of the trusted and reliable web hosting companies. They offer 100% white label reseller hosting services. With 100% white labelled systems, customers can sell web hosting services under their own brand name. Also, reseller hosting is a highly profitable business, wherein you can earn good profits.


Key Benefits of Reseller Hosting


Among many significant benefits of reseller hosting, we have mentioned a few of them below.

1. No Requirement of Technical Expertise

Many website owners do not have technical expertise. However, if they want to offer hosting services to their customers, a reseller web hosting service is the best service to opt for. The web hosting company will take care of technical activities like server management, configuring OS, and ensuring security measures. It reduces the technical burden from clients and gives them the freedom to focus on their to-dos.


2. Fewer Server Expenses

For an average startup, renting a server from a web hosting company requires a massive investment. Hence, it becomes an expensive deal for them. Also, getting the software licenses, monitoring updates, and maintaining the server comes at an additional cost. All in all, they need to pay a huge amount.

However, when you choose the reseller hosting service from the web hosting company, website owners only pay for server resources. If we talk about the MilesWeb, their Micro plan starts at $3.54 per month. Thereby, users get 24×7 support throughout 365 days.


3. Building Income Opportunities

The term ‘reseller’ itself denotes that you would gain additional profits when you sell the web hosting plan to your customers. Users can earn additional income by selling add-ons like SSL certificates, domain registrations, etc. In a nutshell, reseller hosting is a profitable business.

After having a brief overview of reseller hosting, let us get to know in brief about VPS hosting.


VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. VPS hosting is a perfect option for website owners looking for a balance between Linux reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

This categorization of the server maintains the website’s security. Hence, there will be no performance issues if they host high-traffic websites or applications. Every user will enjoy dedicated resources like CPU, memory, and bandwidth.

Below are some of the best benefits of VPS hosting.


Key Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers plenty of benefits to website owners. We’ve included a few of them below. Let us explore them briefly.


1. Full Root Access

A VPS hosting full root SSH access gives you the freedom to configure the website and applications according to your requirements. Ensure that your web hosting provider offers full root access with VPS to the hosting plans. MilesWeb offers full root access, wherein you get complete control over the VPS server.


2. Easy to Scale

Scaling resource-heavy web projects is a breeze when you host them on the VPS server. It is an essential factor for businesses dealing with higher traffic websites or applications.

Also, website owners have to pay only for the resources they utilize because of the scalability feature. Hence, it becomes a cost-effective deal for users to host websites/ web projects. You can upgrade the VPS hosting plan anytime your website requirements grow.


3. Managed Support

As you are running websites and applications, technical obstacles can arise anytime. Hence, you need assistance at that moment. A VPS hosting service also comes with managed support. As a result, users do not need to worry about technical obstacles while accessing their website or application.

With MilesWeb, you get managed support 24×7, wherein their technically proficient team takes complete care of the server management tasks.


To Conclude

So far, you have received all the information to ease your decision-making process in choosing them. It depends on your requirement and the volumes of web projects you need to host. No matter which option you would go with, consider server resources as the major part.

MilesWeb is India’s best web hosting company, offering high-quality services at affordable costs. With the fast SSD storage and top-notch security, their servers are apt for all sorts of websites/web projects.

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