Six ways to boost your customer engagement

Six ways to boost your customer engagement

When it comes to any business, the customer is king, So it is only natural that every company would seek customer engagement as its top priority. Bringing in leads and making a loyal customer base takes time, effort, and resources. The right kind of customer engagement strategy can make or break a business. The more customers engage with your brand, the more your brand identity will be visible. It also helps score more potential customers as well. The seed you sow today will bring fruits tomorrow. So, it is essential to nurture your clientele to achieve growth for your business.

So, let us look at six ways you can boost your brand through customer management- 

Be A Story Teller

Stories are one of the most vital ways to connect with your customer base. Share your vision and mission about why you are on this journey and your goals. Highlight your struggle, your brand motto, and what makes you unique. Help your customers understand why they should choose you over hundreds of other options. Take this opportunity to help your customers bond with you. You will see a rise in numbers pretty quickly. 

 Be Social

Many customers that engage with your business come from search engines. Mostly, they are looking for answers to some particular questions. Make sure you have done your homework and have everything prepared. Use SEO or search engine optimization to target keywords and create blogs or social media posts. Relatability is “cool” now, so ensure your customer and brand are on the same wavelength. From reels to tweets, social media is now the X factor in growth. 

Marketing Automation

One of the most critical departments in customer engagement is marketing. So, what if someone were to tell you that all the tedious tasks would be taken care of? From emails and newsletters to scheduling, analyzing data flow, or creating reports, automation is the way to go. It is a part of the future, and it is here to stay. Freshmarketer is one such software that does not just boast analytics and ROI tracking features but also website visitor tracking, lead qualification, sales analytics, etc. Find out about it right here

Reward Loyalty

Do not take your regular customer base for granted. They are the primary source of revenue for any company. So, send them a little something from time to time. Be it a water bottle or a mystery box. This may feel like an unnecessary investment at times, but a little goes a long way. When they share these benefits in their circle, it will automatically attract more and better customers. Other than that, your customers will feel appreciated and seen, and it will aid in creating brand loyalty. So create advent calendars or just goodies, drop by some of the most valued customers and see the holiday spirit take over. 

Listen To Feedback

The most significant support comes from engaging customers. The sweet spot while getting feedback is to find a mix between quantitative data, qualitative data, and anecdotal data to have a 360-degree understanding of your customers. A company can’t grow if it doesn’t learn to take criticism and work towards striving for better. Negative feedbacks are not a setback; it is a place where growth is still possible. You can make it anonymous feedback, too, to get a bias-free judgment. 


The key to a customer’s heart is customization. People love businesses that try to tailor-fit people’s needs. Personalization comes. It can be a push notification or an email. Make sure to track your customer’s way of behaviour on the website and base your strategies based on those data. With machine learning AI and marketing automation software like Freshmarketer, it is becoming easier to get on with these days even more. 

So, did you find the tactic you were looking for? Or do you have something else for us to find? Let us know how these work out for you or if you would add them to the list.

Aijaz Alam is a highly experienced digital marketing professional with over 10 years in the field.He is recognized as an author, trainer, and consultant, bringing a wealth of expertise to his work. Throughout his career, Aijaz has worked with companies such as Arena Animation and previously operated a successful digital marketing website,, where he served an impressive roster of Fortune 250 companies. Currently, Aijaz is the proud founder and CEO of