Skills And Qualities That Every Security Guard Must Possess

Skills And Qualities That Every Security Guard Must Possess

Security guards have become an essential part of many businesses, events, or occasions to protect you from potential threats and respond to emergencies. For example, if you’re an owner of a hotel, retail store, business, warehouse or hospital, your organization will undoubtedly require security guards for a sense of protection. A security officer’s job is to keep their clients and their properties safe and prevent thefts and other criminal activities.

Their job is demanding and requires a high level of skill sets and motivation to perform their duties efficiently. As a result, when hiring security guards, one should never compromise with their professionalism, training, skills and abilities. However, many people still think that technical equipment such as cameras and alarms are enough to protect themselves, but this is not the case. The human element is still very, very crucial.

What are the duties of security guards? 

  • Surveillance of the building premises and neighborhood
  • Keeping track of the arrival and departure of employees, guests, and other individuals
  • Directing visitors to the reception area and recording their arrival on the premises
  • Monitoring video surveillance system and, if necessary, evaluating footage
  • Responding to security alerts
  • Keeping daily activity logs and any concerns resolved
  • Notifying authorities in the event of an emergency or a security breach
  • Taking care of any violations of the building’s rules and reporting them to the appropriate management level
  • Inspecting, testing, and maintaining security systems

The core skills of professional security guards- 

Sharp observation skills 

A large part of a security guard’s job is to keep an eye out for anything unusual on the company’s premises or event they work for. They must remain concentrated and vigilant at all times. A security guard’s observation skills allow them to notice abnormal behaviors and respond appropriately. Their response time must be lightning fast. They must have the ability to pay close attention to details and remain attentive to any security threat and harmful behaviors.

Integrity and honesty

Honesty and integrity are not teachable attributes, but every professional security guard values them highly. Security professionals are responsible for securing expensive properties while working without the supervision of a permanent employer. In some circumstances, they restrict entry to the building or event, and as a result, they must be trustworthy and dependable. So you must hire guards from a reputable security company and do rigorous background investigations before hiring them to reduce danger.

Ability to lead and work in a group 

Security guards frequently work in groups, so they must have a strong sense of cooperation. Effective cooperation yields the best results and directly impacts safety standards. Sometimes, security guards have to work with public services such as firefighters, police officers, or medical personnel, so they must know how to work with them to reduce the effects of hazards. Another feature of an outstanding security guard is strong leadership. Crowd management and any emergency where security personnel must direct people through a difficult scenario necessitate the capacity to lead.

Effective communication skills 

Maintaining safety and security in the area necessitates effective communication. Security guards are also in charge of connecting with the general public. Helping guests and directing them to the property, reporting suspicious conduct or activity to higher authorities, and explaining an emergency to the public are all examples of communication. So, the guards you hire must have great communication skills. In addition, their communication skills will help them address your visitors effectively, providing great customer service for your organization.

Training and experience 

The security officers you choose must have received sufficient training to perform their duties effectively. The more training, they have, the better job they will perform. Examining a security officer’s licensing and certification is one approach to determine their degree of training. In addition, your security guards should be capable of dealing with a wide range of situations. Experienced security guards are ideal for dealing with a wide range of circumstances, threats, attacks and violence. Many security companies offer military or off-duty experienced officers with prior expertise in dealing with high-risk and controversial circumstances.

Ability to maintain order 

A security officer’s job is to maintain the peace of your organization, and they must have the ability to perform it efficiently. For example, suppose they serve in a facility where protest or violence may occur. In that case, they must use their verbal skills and physical ability to keep unruly individuals or crowds in check. Security guards may also be confronted with stubborn individuals who refuse to follow instructions or insist on entering a facility while being rejected. Keeping the peace isn’t always simple, and it takes a certain kind of individual to de-escalate situations and keep everyone calm.

Self-control and a calm attitude 

Select guards who can remain calm and collected no matter the situation. It’s especially critical when they work in crowded areas when the likelihood of conflict is significantly higher. Security guards frequently interact with a variety of people. Some may try to provoke a conversation with them or even insult them. Regardless of what happens, a guard should maintain a friendly demeanor in all situations. They must be able to work under pressure and prioritize safety.

Physical fitness is important

Although it’s not a skill but is something that every security guard must possess. Physical fitness is a trait that anyone can attain; all they need to do is work on it regularly. As their job comprises many physical demands, a security guard should be physically fit. Patrolling broad areas, staying up all night, or following a thief are possibilities. Guards’ rapid reactions improve when they are in good health, and it helps them stay focused at work.

Bottom line 

Having excellent security officers on duty will assist in keeping your facility secure and running smoothly. Before hiring a security guard, make sure each candidate has these essential security guard abilities. It all comes down to maintaining a peaceful environment of your organization and improving the sense of safety amongst your employees. It’s highly advised to appoint the guards from a reputable company that offers experienced and trained security guards to safeguard you and your belongings.

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