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The latest Social Media Marketing about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Digital Trends offers in-depth coverage of top stories about privacy and news from some of the biggest online social platforms in the world.

1.TikTok’s #HappyAtHome initiative is here to entertain you.

TIKTOK's  Happy At Home

Whether we like it or not staying at home is the new normal. To keep boredom at bay, TikTok has partnered up with well-known musicians, actors to live stream daily for our entertainment. As explained by TikTok, the goal of this initiative is to; “share in a bit of levity, provide some comfort, and embrace the responsibility. we all have to do the right thing by staying inside and stopping the spread.” And we couldn’t agree more. Catch these live streams of entertainment every day at 5pm PDT.

2.YouTube reduces streaming quality to lessen network strain.

Social Media Youtube Marketing

Staying at home has got us all streaming videos and Netflixing at all hours of the day. After Netflix, YouTube follows suit to stream videos in standard quality to all regions to lessen network load. Users still have the option to watch videos on high definition if they want. They have choice will have to do so by choosing the HD option as videos will initially load in SD only. This is not the end of the world people, just a small price we must pay in order to ease the burden on internet infrastructure.

3. LinkedIn just dropped its playlists on Spotify.

Social Media Marketing

on Social Media Marketing you have a ton of deadlines to meet. Naturally, you crank up the music to keep yourself motivated. If you don’t already have a work playlist in place, here’s a trick for you: New Job, Fresh Start, Never Give Up, Interview Time, and Women at Work. These are just some of the playlists that LinkedIn launched on Spotify for career development. Considering how a lot of people are working from home these days, this is just what we need to get the work done efficiently.

4. Instagram launches a new feature to help users stay connected during lockdowns

Instagram Features

 video calls are essential for staying sane during the lockdown on Social Media Marketing. To make it a lot more fun and engaging, Instagram launched a new feature to help us all stay connected. As they say: “…to help people stay connected, we’ve launched media sharing, a new feature that allows you to view Instagram posts together with your friends over video chat.” While you can’t scroll through your regular feed during a video chat, you can still create a list of posts that you want to discuss with your friends by liking or saving them. Let us know what you guys think of that one.

5. Snapchat is launching a new mental health resource center.

Snapchat Social Media Marketing

Anxiety and stress are on the rise as the pandemic situation continues to intensify. In response to COVID 19, Snapchat has decided to launch “Here for You”, a new mental health resource center to help people experiencing mental health or emotional crisis. This feature will provide people with relevant updates from the World Health Organization, the CDC, Crisis Text Line, NHS, and other partners, links to relevant resources, and exercises to help people cope with anxiety and stress.

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