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New users find it difficult to get on with WordPress SEO Guides. And when you want to improve traffic to your website, which is a major task, you need to pay attention to WordPress SEO Practices.

Everyone thinks that WordPress is the best place to start a blog or website. Well, that isn’t true. It follows SEO best practices. 

An excellent website that provides solutions for both small & large webpages.


It is an excellent website for every small & large website. It is versatile & designed with usability & flexibility where it varies from blog to eCommerce to business & websites. It is wherein that uses WordPress as its Content Management System.

It powers the following: –

  • An interface where users sign in to make alterations or adds new content. In other words, it is known as backend


Search Engine Optimization is a practice that optimizes your web page so as to rank top in search engines. Many people who want to expand their business and to do that focus on maximizing the optimization for Google. With an advancement, it is so difficult to rank fast for competitive keywords.


If you want to grow your business & make money out of it. Then SEO is a key factor.

Millions of people make use of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines so as to know info related to the resto, reviews, and a whole lot other stuff. And this creates more traffic that you will get to your site.



Search Results shows the relevant & informative as per the user’s search. They use algorithms that scans & crawls the websites that are online and index them & the most relevant content is shown to users. 

It makes relevant searches but the difficult task is to rank your website higher. But that can be rectified with SEO factors. And by doing that your website will rank as the best for years to come.


SEO gets technical. Optimize your site & this will boost up the traffic. Opt for the best SEO packages that are extremely important as they contain tools that are vital to improving your website. Let’s get started optimizing your website.


Not complicated & to make it easier for you. Let’s discuss how you can improve your SEO and get organic traffic to your WordPress through this SEO Guide.

1. Select the apt Host

Select the apt Host – To improve your SEO, the hosts will provide you with: –

  • Performance – Your host should offer either PHP 7+ or HTTP / 2. Faster the better your site works.
  • Safety – In case your site gets hacked, rankings will dropdown. Make sure the hosts carry out routine checks, firewall implementation, and built-in security.

  • Certificate – SSL certificate impact security as well as performance & also rankings. Ensure site works with HTTPS. Google favors HTTPS and there are multiple types of SSL certificates for example, a cheap wildcard SSL certificate can save a lot money to be spent on managing subdomains as well provides a strong security. It allows to cover first level subdomains under a single SSL certificate.

2. Plugin installation

Plugin installation – There are numerous plugins available to maintain SEO. It’s better to choose paid version, as in the free version you may miss some essential features that are needed in maintaining your site. For initial users, the free version of SEO is good. Amongst all plugins, the best is RankMath, Yoast SEO, or all in One SEO Pack.

The use of Plugins optimizes content. SEO is an ongoing procedure. WordPress an SEO-friendly CMS. It won’t end you on the first page & for that you need a plugin. Certain things to be taken into account when you opt for SEO plugins. Those are: –

  • Customize SEO titles
  • Description

These will generate an XML sitemap & receive content analysis & review.

After installation of the SEO plugin, the process is not completed. For best SEO, you need to be cautious enough while writing & uploading the posts. 

3. URL Setup

URL Setup – If you are a startup, make sure you have a URL, a permanent one. In case if you change the URL, then it will downgrade your SEO rankings.

Permalinks or URLs are good factors for SEO. WordPress permalinks are not SEO-friendly. Choosing the best SEO friendly permalink is good. As SEO friendly clearly explains the page’s content and easy readability and understandable & search engines.

Non-SEO friendly URLs which are unrelated & users can’t guess what they are looking for seeing URL. Using SEO friendly permalink improves traffic & better positions in search results. Hers is how you can check Sites’ permalink structure in a simple way: – 

  • Login to your WordPress
  • In settings. Select Permalinks
  • Select Post Name
  • And save changes

Please make do an important note. If your site is actively working for more than 6 months. Then don’t change the URL. In case, if you changed then that would lower your share count & lose rankings too. If you want to change, then hire a professional, so that they can set up properly. But share counts will be lost no matter what.

4. Optimize Content

Optimize Content – To write high-quality content is not an easy task. A successful strategy is content optimization. And make use of those keywords, which are on your content & site. For SEO to be better, you have to optimize your post. 

You simply can’t rank for keywords that aren’t in your content. So, in order to rank the top, you need to build valuable content around that topic. To write SEO-friendly content look out to these points: –

  • Update content as per amendment comes
  • Publish new articles daily
  • Link out to beneficial resources
  • Include multimedia like images, video, infographics, charts, graphs & audio to stand out with other content
  • FAQ’s and answer their queries too. This will help in building relationships and user’s views of your site.

 5. Titles & Description

Titles & Description – Meta Tags are tiny code bits that are added to your code that will allow displaying Titles & Description.  These are important as Google uses these as guides and exact ones that appear on SERPs. Search Engines use these phrases & words to match your page with the user’s search. The more relevant, the chances are more to show up in the rankings with other sites.

6. Use of Images

Use of Images – Content with images ranks higher than content with no images. Factors to considered when images are uploaded: –

  • Rename image file. Make use of names that matches your content
  • Describe what’s happening in the image
  • Compress image

If images that were uploaded were small & fine then it will load up your site and search engines love lively loading sites.

7. Caching

Caching – If your hosts provide caching then it will be all to optimize your webpage’s speed. And if hosts allow it, then you should watch over caching plugin for extra performance advantages. 

8. Installation of Quality Plugins

Installation of Quality Plugins – Lookout for plugins that has a 4-star review & make sure it is compatible with your WordPress version. 

If you choose poorly developed plugins it will hurt your page, slow down your site when there is a lack of performance, or even hackers could gain access to your site.

9. Sitemap submission to Google Search Console

Sitemap submission to Google Search Console – Google is one of the best search engines all over the world. Google Search Console also called Webmaster Tools, offers website owners a look at how their content will be in Search Engines. It increases SEO and more importantly traffic to your sites. Provides reports & data to make you understand how your page appears & what’s working on your site and whatnot. Based on results you can prepare a strategy.

A sitemap file to search console that indicates which page of your site should include in search results. Sitemaps don’t boost your site but will help search results to find your content on site. 

Content search – If contents are share on any media, that will increase the exposure of your content. More active on the social platforms, more traffic to your site. The best part is the least content goes viral within a matter of hours.


Never assume things. That you will be ranked top just because you’re using WordPress. It’s up to you to know SEO, choose the best and adjust your SEO plugins, and then start writing.


Yes, there are: –

  • Use proper categories & tags
  • Internal Links within your site contents
  • Optimize Comments and block spam comments
  • External links to be reduced on your posts
  • Speed & Security & Safety
  • Optimizing Images
  • Start Using SSL/HTTPS

Once you get the hang of WordPress SEO best practices, you will love to take your skills furthermore ahead of your other competitors.

These are the compiled tips for a startup to boost your SEO. Follow these factors and serious enough to increase more traffic to your site. You can apply these to your site by implementing these. And you will increase an effective long-term SEO strategy with better visitors & organic traffic within months as search engines process your changes.

Eram Naim, with 4 years of experience in content marketing and 2 years in digital marketing, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Digitaltreed.com. In addition to his role as COO, he also functions as the Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor, showcasing his versatility and expertise across multiple domains within the company.