Advantages and disadvantages of PPC

Advantages and disadvantages of PPC

In the world of online advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, etc, every click is important. Each click on the ad lead to generate a new customer or an interested party. This activity can be analyzed by the method of PPC, which means pay-per-click type of advertising. This technique has many advantages and disadvantages of PPC. It is the type of advertising in which an advertiser pays for each click that is done on its ad. The charge of advertisement is known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model.

Here, you may have understood the term what is PPC? PPC means what you pay against each click which you received from your users. Both sides of pros and cons of PPC occur but, you should know why to use PPC?


Which Platforms Are Important For PPC?

Bing and Google are the best platforms for Pay-Per-Click methods. If we compare both these search engines Bing ads vs Google ads , then Bing ads are more beneficial than Google advertisements. You can get exclusive deals by using Bing ads coupon while there is a limited chance to get offers from Google. Bing ads have limited searches or volume than Google so, it can lead to getting quick customers.


What Is The Purpose Of PPC?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the best way to increase traffic volume through search engines. This form of online as well as paid advertisement brings lots of customers. Search engine advertisements are helpful to show the result that people are searching for particular keywords. One of the best platforms is Bing for the advertisement to promote products which is helpful to boost up business. In this article, we have provided the list of benefits of using Bing ads and drawbacks too.

PPC can only be successful and worthwhile if you have met the requirements of customers with keywords. Keywords play the main role in when advertisements are published on search engines.

But, as you know, each thing does not have only positive sides. It means there are both advantages and disadvantages of PPC.

What Are The Advantages Of PPC?

PPC(Pay-Per-Click) does not only provide positive responses. This way of online search engine advertisement has both advantages and disadvantages. One way it helps you to generate customers in less time. On the other hand, It charges a fee on each click whether it is a genuine user or not.

Now, we have a list, in which you can see what are the advantages of PPC.

  1. Choice of audience – When you decide to advertise using the PPC model, it is a great benefit that is provided to you by the ad campaigns. They have given you the choice to select the targeted audience for you. It leads to getting customers for whom your ad is useful.

For e.g., if your ad pertains to some products or services that are useful for females, you would like to make sure that that ad is circulated among the female users of the internet. Similarly, you can target your audience based upon their age, gender, professions etc., which makes sure that the capacity of your ad is fully utilized.

  1. Customization in your hands – All the ideas that you have in your minds, that you believe can prove to be beneficial for your ad, can be showcased by you in the ad. The minor adjustments can be made by you on the basis of your priorities and subsequently improve your ad’s effectiveness. This is like control in your hand, that’s why it is also the advantage of PPC(Pay-Per-Click).
  2. Cost effective -PPC is a budget-friendly advertising campaign that can prove to be beneficial to small or newbie business associations. You only have to pay the ad platform when a customer actually reaches your website.

This way you can ensure that your money is worth spending, as it causes you benefits for sure. Unlike other methods such as Television, where the audience is wide but the surety of them reaching you out is not much.

It means you have to only pay when anyone clicks on your ads. Click on the search engine to provide you the relevant customers.

  1. Impacts and results– The impacts and results of PPC campaign scan be seen quite early, as people start reaching your sites instantly. This is because a large amount of the population all over the world is using the internet today. And you have selected the specific audience for your advertisement. It leads to provide lots of traffic  In contrast, other advertising methods such as Search Engine Optimization take a long time before any result is observed by the user.
  2. Quality and Quantity –You get returns on your investments, for sure. Although the results may vary, they offer you quantity as well as quality of online advertising campaigns in return for your

You can also measure the quantity of return on the investment made by you, and accordingly can have clear statistics and future course of action pertaining to your advertising campaign. Your ad goes on top of the internet and is visible to everyone, leading to better results.

  1. Help and resources – PPC comes with a very effective mechanism for help to provide the customers with. It provides a lot of training resources in the form of online courses, videos, tutorials, manuals etc.

To make sure that it does not become a difficult task for the customers to advertise over their platforms. This in return, also helps the customer to develop his advertising skills, so that he can get ready for the future needs as well.

  1. Wide audience – Today, everything is happening over the internet. In fact, it has become a modern-dayencyclopaedia, with everything and every person coming under it. thus, if you want to reach the maximum audience, it can be done through the mode of PPC as every person using the internet might come across your ad and click on it.

People who are confused about some product come over the internet to find a solution. And thus your ad might be of their interest and help them make a choice. Thus PPC helps you reach a wide audience, and just not reach, it helps you increase your customer base.

What Are The Disadvantages Of PPC?

As we have discussed, search engine advertising contains both pros and cons of PPC. In the above paragraph, we have shown how Pay-Per-Click is useful for you. But, it has drawbacks also which we have given below.

  1. Time-consuming – Advertising through PPC is an on-going effort. It is not a one time job, that you put up anad and let it give you results for years, like in the arena of TV ads. You have to constantly improve and optimize your ads.

On the basis of changing trends and needs of the customers, advertisement should be optimized by keywords. therefore, you have to keep-up with your ad for as long as you want to be connected to the online advertising campaign platforms.

  1. Costly for long-term – It is a pay-per-click advertising, which means that for every click, you have to pay. This might turn out to be a costly option for many because every click does not ensure a customer or a sale. But on each click, you have to pay the charges to the publisher. Moreover, if you stop paying for the clicks, your ad gets lost in the crowd. Thus if you are thinking of a long term advertising strategy, it might not be the best option for your pocket.
  2. Requires expertise – A person should have online or search advertising skills if he decides to use the PPC platform for advertising. Sometimes, you have to take advice from the experts to run advertisements on search engines.
  3. No surety of sales – It is true that through PPC ads, you are sure to receive a lot of traffic on your website. many people might even be interested in buying your products and services. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that every person who reaches your site becomes a customer and generates sales for you. Instead, you definitely have to pay for every click. Thus sometimes, it may turn out to be a bargain of loss.

Thus, we have assessed the pros and cons of PPC model of advertising. Now depending on your budget, needs, products and expertise, for which products this way of advertisement can be useful.

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