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Bada Business App is an initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker and a Renowned Business Coach. He runs the world’s number one Entrepreneur training channel on YouTube, with over 10.3 Million Subscribers and 38 Crores viewership.

Bada Business Vivek Bindra App allows a user to learn everything about Business and Entrepreneurship.
It provides extensive knowledge of the different business strategies and frameworks.
It will not only help to develop and improve business and entrepreneurial skills but also enable to expand your business.
The app has both free as well as premium content.

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Free Content

– Ask a Question: Search any question related to your business problems like decreasing sales, mismanagement, increasing cost, etc. and get a wide range of videos helping you solve all these problems.
Also search a question related to business growth, sales growth, personal improvement, leadership development, etc.
All the videos are in the form of short snippets of 3-5 minutes only. With the help of this one can easily grasp the business solutions given in the videos and implement them on an immediate basis.

– Articles: In this section, one can read articles related to different business strategies and frameworks that enable to increase the productivity and expand business.

– YouTube Videos: In this section, users will get all the videos of Dr. Vivek Bindra under one roof.

Premium Content

In this, one gets a training program on entrepreneurship, named “Everything about Entrepreneurship”. It is a path-breaking, most innovative & world’s most affordable entrepreneurship training program.

This exclusive program includes the perfect mix to make an entrepreneur, businessmen and startups owners super successful.
Key Features
• It is the world’s most affordable Entrepreneurship program.
• It will help Indian SME’s to do big business or become Bada Business.
• Simple to operate even by a non-tech-savvy person.
• 240 premium, exclusive & publically unavailable problem-solving videos.
• 240 reading material for easy implementation.
• 240 MCQs based assessment sheets to track your daily progress.
• 25 strategy frameworks for popular & most successful Leadership funnel.
• One stop solution to all your business related problem in HR, Marketing, Sales, IT, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Execution, Branding, Positioning, Pricing, Legal, Manufacturing, Retail, Advertising, Leadership, Technology, etc.
• Opportunity to learn from Billionaire Trainers who have grown their business like Mr. Mohandas Pai from Manipal University, Mr. Manu Jain from Xiaomi, Mr. R.C. Bhargava from Maruti and many more like them.
• 5 days life changing experience to attend the live training of Asia’s no. business Trainer Dr. Vivek Bindra.
• Live Q&A session on the app once every month for 24 months.
• Get trained while your travel.
• Opportunity to learn most award winning content.
• Get Certificate after completion of the course.
Top Reasons to Use Bada Business App
• It comes with a User-friendly Interface.
• It is one stop solution for all the problems regarding Business and Entrepreneurship.
• It provides an opportunity to learn from Billionaire Trainers who have grown their business.
• You get live Q&A session on the app once every month for 24 months.
• You can get trained while you travel.
• It will help you to grow your business.
• It enables you to get more clients.
• It helps to reduce your business costs drastically.COLLAPSE

About Bada Business Franchise

Bada Business Vivek Bindra provides Extensive Knowledge of the Different Business Strategies and Frameworks, which will Help Indian SME’s to Do Big Business or Become Bada Business. Bada Business is a One Stop Solution for all your Business Problems in the field of HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology, etc.

Important Points for BADA BUSINESS Franchise

  Franchise Training Program:    Training Program available for the franchisee  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:    Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:    Central  Southern  Northern  Eastern  Western
  Area/Site Preference:   
  Minimum Floor Area needed:   
  Term of Franchise Agreement:   
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points    Minimum Guarantee given    Facility provided    Master Franchise Available   Site Select Help given  

Program Benefits

Learn From Industry Leaders Who Have Built Billion Dollar Businesses.

5 Days Of Live Sessions With Dr. Vivek Bindra.

24 Digital Live Sessions And Q&A With Dr. Vivek Bindra.

25 Business Strategy Frameworks From Leadership Funnel Program.

240 Premium And Exclusive Videos.

240 Most Powerful ARTICLES AND PPTs To Enhance Your Learnings.

240 Assessments To Keep Track Of Your Learnings.

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