How to Publish Course on Academy & Teach – FAQ

How to Publish Course & Teach

Due to COVID-19 whole world highly effected and facing various kinds of problems. Government of India has announced about lockdown and requested the citizens of the country to stay at and stay safe, so it is our duty to follow the rules and regulation and fight against Corona. Major problem for schools, colleges and institute is that how we continue teaching.

So, the principle of every institute or school left no stone unturned to find the solution of this problem and in the end they decided to teach students online through the Video call and others apps but the solution did not work as planned, many problems emerged while teaching online.

We took into consideration the problems and found a platform which is very smart according to the requirement of teachers as well as students. In this platform, we can easily teach students as their is no such type of problems which we faced in studying on other platforms. We have multiple formats for teaching like Videos, text, Images, PDF et, Which is very helpful to all of the teaching fraternity.

Note : We are please to inform that these services are free of cost from the Digital Treed Team.

Advantages of Attending Online Classes

There are some clear reasons for the success of online Classes. Take a look at the following 5 advantages to help you determine if online school happens to be right for you.

1. Flexibility in your schedule.

One of the main reasons many students prefer online school is the unique flexibility in scheduling that it allows. Whether you finish your work early in the morning or you happen to be a night owl, your schedule is completely up to you – especially if you attend an online classes that offers that flexibility.

2. Learn at your own place.

One of the beauties of online classes is being able to learn subjects at your own place. Although the material is presented systematically for you, online classes may help you with level placement and can allow you to work ahead or slower than your peers.

3. Get personalized attention.

Because you are learning online, teachers are typically only a short email or phone call away. Whenever you run into a glitch or have concerns, you can simply reach out to your instructor and quickly receive an answer.

4. Be comfortable.

You can dress as comfortably as you like, pour a mug of your favorite hot beverage, and log in to your classes whenever you like. Because you are in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to be concerned with fashion trends. You also can take your lessons on the go to your favorite coffee shop, a local park or wherever you might feel the most inspired to complete your lessons.

5. Teaches self-motivation.

One perk of online classes is that it prepares you to be completely self-motivated. You will learn to be driven by your own intrinsic desire to succeed. Many times you will set your own schedule and learn the habit of staying on track with classes and meeting times, completing each subject assignments, studying for tests, and going the extra mile to learn more.

There are some Steps for the successfully publish course for online Classes. Take a look at the following 21 steps with examples to help your publish your course:

Step 01. Goto Signup for Registered your self

Step 02. Fill all the information and click on signup button.

Step 03. Now check your email inbox and by Click on verify link for Verify your email id.

Step 04. Now Login into your Instructor Account

Step 05. After Login Successfully now click on Instructor button right top in header.

Step 06. Your Instructor Dashboard open Successfully now click on +Add New Course

Step 07. Fill all information about course

How to Publish Course: Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Course Title : Write your subject name(ex: Math 12th Class – [School Name or Institute name])
  • Short Description : short description of your course
  • Description : Long description of your course.
  • Category: Select according to your Subject
  • Level: Always chose Beginner
  • Language: English

Step 08. here write required things for when students on study time.

How to Publish Course: Examples:

  • A computer or mobile with Internet
  • One notebook and pen

Step 09. Here, write outcomes

Outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge or skills students should acquire by the end of a particular assignment, class, and course.


  • Perform computations in higher mathematics.
  • Read and understand middle-level proofs.
  • Write and understand basic proofs.
  • Develop and maintain problem-solving skills.

Step 10. Pricing for Your Course

Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Check small box when if this is a free course
  • Course price how much cost pay students for this course
  • Check small box when your are give any discount if this course has discount
  • Discounted price : cost after discount (Actual sale price after exclude discount )

Step 11. Media is for Course Preview and Thumbnail of Course.

Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Course Overview Provider: Always select youtube
  • Course overview url : If you have any course preview or demo video
  • Set your course image according to your course (Ex: Course name HTML so put image for HTML Course Image)

Step 12. Seo Section

Just leave these section Because this is for Advanced

Step 13. Now Finish clicking on Submit Button.

Step 14. Your Course Added Successfully, Setup Sections and Lessons. now Click on +Add Section for Course Section and insert section (ex: assume subject maths so, section name is Geometric)

Step 15. After Creating Section, Click on +Add Lesson

Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Title: Write Lesson Name (ex: assume subject maths and section name is Geometric so, Lesson name is Algebra Nation)
  • Select Section name
  • Select Lesson: Chose according to your lesson format such as Video, Image, Text File and PDF. (ex: if you Video)

Step 16. if you Select video format

Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Lesson provider (for web): Always Choose YouTube

Must Read: How To Create youtube channel guide and upload Video

  • After Choosing Youtube Provider automatic show new row for asking video url of youtube video(Ex: copy url link of your youtube video and paste it, after pasting video duration auto fetch)
  • Section Left Video Provider (For Mobile) and duration
  • Summary : Write your summary of lesson
  • Click on Add Lesson, now your lesson added successfully

Step 17. +Add Quiz for students

How to Publish Course: Follow Steps with Examples:

  • Title of your Quiz according to your first section(ex: Geometric Quiz)
  • Select your section of your Quiz (ex: ex: assume subject: maths and section name is Geometric and your Quiz for Geometric section )
  • write all instructions of quiz (ex: Instructions for Taking a Quiz. Select an answer for every question. There are three possible question types: Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to have your answers graded. You will be shown your results )
  • Click on submit your quiz successfully added.

Step 18. Click on “question mark symbol” right side of quiz, For add Questions on Quiz

Step 19. Now click on add new Question

Step 20. Now add New Question

How to Publish Course: Follow Steps & Examples:

  • Question Title: Write your Question of Geometric Subject(Ex: Assume subject: maths and section name is Geometric and Quiz Geometric now your question is “On a coordinate plane, what is the point called where the two axes meet? “)
  • Number of options: how many options give for first question, select the number then click on check button

Step 21. Assume you select total 3 option for first Question

Follow Steps & Examples;

  • Option 1: Origin
  • 2: X-axis
  • 3: Y-axis
  • Click on Submit now your question Added Successfully.

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