Target Salvage liquidation Stores: Everything You Need

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Are you willing to score some serious deals on amazing items? You may have heard by now, but Target Salvage stores are majorly trending as a wonderful way to snag Target clearance deals for rock-bottom prices.

These stores are the final stop in the Target clearance life cycle. Desire to save upwards of 90% off the original retail price!

While I was on my sabbatical from blogging, I concentrated on my own liquidation business that specializes in reselling Target salvage. Liquidation items are overstocks, last year’s styles, store returns, and harmed box items. We purchase truckloads of pallets of liquidation items from big-name retailers such as Target, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s CVS,  and several others. And I must confess that the Target salvage items are the most craved.

Since I live in the smack center of the United States (aka Nebraska) and my dear readers are scattered throughout the nation, I figured I’d gather a list of liquidation stores that resell Target salvage items throughout the country (unless you like to visit Nebraska, then, by all means, come shop with me)! But before I inform you where to find a Target salvage store near you, let me give you a few suggestions on how to spot Target salvage items.  

What Does Target Salvage Mean?

Once Target is willing to offload their off-season, discontinued, blemished, returned, overstock or clearance merchandise, they dismiss the product from their database and salvage (donate/trade) those items.

What Is Target Liquidation?

Target liquidation or Target liquidator is another term utilized to explain the re-selling of Target salvage items. You can discover a list of words that can be utilized interchangeably a little distance down this post. 

How To Tell What Are Target Salvage Items

Here are a couple of suggestions on how to spot Target salvage liquidation items at a liquidation store around you. There are two major methods to tell if the items being sold are Target salvage items: by their stickers and their brand names.

Target Salvage Stickers

If you notice a green rectangle sticker like the above, you’ll know the thing is a Target Salvage item.

Target Private-Label Brands

Most probably you will know if the liquidation items are from Target if the items are one of Target’s 50 signature brands (also understood as “private labels” or “owned brands”). Target brands (and their variety of items) include:

  1. Boots & Barkley (pets)
  2. Brightroom (storage and home organization)
  3. Bulleye’s Playground ($1 – $5 items at front of the store)
  4. Casaluna (bedding and bath)
  5. Cat & Jack (kids apparel)
  6. A New Day (women’s apparel)
  7. All In Motion (activewear and sporting goods)
  8. Archer Farms (being replaced by Good & Gather)
  9. Art Class (kids clothing and accessories)
  10. Auden (bras and panties)
  11. AVA & VIV (plus size)
  12. Cloud Island (nursery decor, bedding, bath, and layette)
  13. Colsie (intimates, lounge, sleepwear)
  14. Dealworthy (low-price, no-frills essentials brand)
  15. Embark (experience gear)
  16. Everspring (household essentials)
  17. Favorite Day (sweets and savory finds)
  18. Figmint (kitchenware)
  19. Future Collective (trend-forward apparel)
  20. Gigglescape (high-quality toys)
  21. Threshold (home decor)
  22. Universal Thread (women’s clothing)
  23. Up & Up (household and personal items)
  24. Wild Fable (juniors apparel)
  25. Wondershop (holiday items)
  26. Xhilaration (women’s swimwear and basic)
  27. Kindfull (cat and dog food)
  28. Knox Rose (women’s feminine, bohemian style apparel)
  29. Kona Sol (women’s chic swimwear)
  30. Made By Design (household basics, luggage, travel accessories)
  31. Market Pantry (food items)
  32. Merona (clothing, discontinued)
  33. Mondo Llama (arts and crafts)
  34. More Than Magic (beauty brand for tweens)
  35. Opalhouse (home decor)
  36. Open Story (premium luggage)
  37. Original Use (young men’s apparel and accessories)
  38. Good & Gather (food & beverage)
  39. Goodfellow & Co (men’s apparel & accessories)
  40. Heart & Hand with Magnolia (Chip and Joanna Gaines home goods)
  41. Heyday (electronics)
  42. Hyde & EEK! Boutique (Halloween costumes and decor)
  43. JoyLab (performance apparel)
  44. Pillowfort (home collection for kids)
  45. Project 62 (home decor)
  46. Room Essentials (home goods)
  47. Shade & Shore (swimwear)
  48. Simply Balanced (being replaced by Good & Gather)
  49. Smartly (requirements and personal care)
  50. Smith & Hawken (outdoor living)
  51. Sonia Kashuk ( cosmetic cases and makeup application tools)
  52. Spritz (party supplies)
  53. Stars Above (sleepwear)
  54. Sun Squad (summer seasonals)

List of Target Salvage Stores By City/State

If you’ve been exploring for “Target salvage stores near me” or “Target liquidation stores around me”, we discovered them for you! Search for a liquidation store or bin store around you. Please note that these stores may also bear liquidation items from other retail sources such as Costco liquidation, Lowe’s salvage, Walmart salvage, &/or Amazon salvage. You can explore by state, city, or name of the store. Click on the store name for a link to their website or Facebook page for hours and specials.

I will add further Target salvage locations as I find them. If I’m skipping one that you love, please click here to add a new liquidation, salvage, or bin store. I will be required to confirm that the establishment does certainly sell Target salvage items before being added to the list though.

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Advantages of Selling Salvage and Overstock Goods

Customers can enjoy several advantages when it comes to buying salvage and overstock goods. One of the main benefits is the important discounts they can get. Target salvage stores offer discounts varying from 50% to 90% off, allowing shoppers to save a substantial amount of cash. This makes it an appealing option for those looking to stretch their budget or find a fantastic deal.

Another advantage is the wide variety of items available at salvage stores. These stores present a diverse selection of products, home decor, toys, kitchen items, including furniture, and bedding, among others. Shoppers can find items from famous Target brands like Threshold, Casaluna, and Pillowfort, permitting them to enjoy grade products at lower prices. Additionally, salvage stores often have their specials and sales, delivering even more opportunities for savings.

Salvage stores also serve as an alternative to traditional thrift stores and consignment shops. While economy stores offer used items, salvage stores deliver customers with brand-new or slightly damaged merchandise at disregarded prices. This allows customers to find good quality products at dirt-cheap prices, making salvage stores an attractive opportunity for budget-conscious shoppers.


The salvage and overstock industry delivers consumers with a special opportunity to purchase products from big box retailers at considerable discounts. Target salvage stores, in particular, offer a broad variety of items at prices ranging from 50% to 90% off retail. These stores have become famous alternatives to traditional clearance aisles and thrift stores, drawing shoppers who are looking for quality products at dirt-cheap prices.

For resellers, purchasing Target return pallets through platforms like Target Auction Liquidations opens up new prospects for growth and diversification. By understanding product conditions, considering seasonality, and using effective selling strategies, resellers can maximize their earnings and establish a successful business.

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