What Items You Can Flipping (Resell) Online For An Extra $500 Cash

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Recycling isn’t only about bottles and cans — with a little entrepreneurial creativity, you can create a successful side hustle by flipping several different items for considerable profits.

Here, we’ll show the best items to flip so you can begin selling both used and unused items for income ranging from $100 to $5,000 per month.

Best Items to Flip

1. Apparel

Whether you’re just looking to clean out your wardrobe or like to turn reselling into a part-time gig, apparel of all types is perfect for flipping.

The market for used clothing is certainly there — as per the thredUP report noted above, the secondhand apparel market is predicted to grow from $36 billion in 2021 to $77 billion in 2025:

If you decide to take a casual approach to flipping clothes, you could earn about $100 per month by selling lightly utilized pieces from your own closet through platforms such as thredUP and Depop.

But if you commit to scouring secondhand shops for occasional and in-demand items, then you could feasibly make about $1,000 per month — one smart reseller makes $800 per month just by selling thrift store clothes on eBay.

2. Books

Books offer a great item to sell for extra income, reminiscent of Amazon’s early days. Source them from libraries or yard sales, and sell items on platforms like Amazon for a more elevated price. Using Offerup.com and Next Door’s local classifieds can also increase your reselling success.

Specifically, textbooks stand out as lucrative items. Due to their big price tags, they make a profit smoothly. Additionally, non-fiction, arts and crafts, sheet music, and vintage novels are highly engaging for reselling at a higher price

To maximize extra money, consider flipping items such as textbooks and guidebooks. Utilize the Book Scouter app to check resale values before buying. This process guarantees good profit when you sell online.

3. Cameras

Whether digital or film, cameras are certainly one of the best items to flip, thanks to their generally high price-to-size ratio. For example, a film camera barely bigger than a deck of cards, such as the Contax T2, can market for well over $1,000 on eBay.

If you’re capable to flip a handful of cameras per month, you can smoothly earn a couple hundred dollars or more. And if your local thrift stores don’t stock many cameras, Goodwill’s online shop is a wonderful (and cheap!) alternative.

4. Smartphones, Tablets, and Tech Accessories

It’s no mystery that the U.S. market for tech products is glowing hot. For example, the number of American smartphone users is predicted to grow to over 311 million by 2025 (that’s about 90 percent of the country’s expected population for that same year):

With that huge number of tech users comes a lot of habituated tech products, many of which you can resell for a profit. After all, the global smartphone market is expected to reach $39 billion by 2025.

If you concentrate on finding and flipping products that keep the maximum amount of value, such as smartphones, tablets, and accessories from major brands, you could make some heavy cash. To find out exactly how check out Flipsy’s in-depth phone flipping guide. They calculate that if you sell 10 phones per week with an earnings margin of $50 each, then you’ll be capable of earning $2,000 per month.

5. Clothes

Designer items and children’s clothing are essential if you like to sell for extra profit. Explore economy stores and discount shops to discover these treasures. Clearance items are also a wonderful place to find goods for substantial profits.

Moreover, for those eager about fashion, focus on designer, vintage, or branded clothes. Begin with your own wardrobe, then grow. Ask buddies and family for unused clothes. Consignment stores, Goodwill, garage sales, and thrift stores are excellent places to buy items. ThredUp offers an amazing selection of branded and designer pieces.

To maximize your earnings potential, consider reselling items on platforms like eBay. Selling on eBay provides direct access to a wide market, perfect for maximizing your earnings from reselling. With the right plan, eBay can be a goldmine for those looking to earn extra income through reselling.

6. Exercise Equipment

From treadmills to stationary bikes to weight sets, exercise equipment manages to be bulky, heavy and unsuitable to move. That means sellers may be keen to part with theirs for an extra-low price, which indicates an excellent reselling possibility for you.

For instance, a stationary bike you buy for $20 at a yard sale could be sold for $50 on Facebook Marketplace.

So relying on the number of equipment items you’re able to find and resell, you could begin making several hundred dollars per month.

7. Musical instruments

Musical instruments, like guitars and amplifiers, are top things to resell for earnings. Their rage stems from people often creating and quitting hobbies. These are among the best items to sell.

Moreover, transitioning to other musical tools and items, such as drums and saxophones, also offers lucrative possibilities. Catering to varied tastes, these things to buy and resell can greatly boost your earnings.

Navigating the resale market for extra income is easy. Platforms like Etsy abound, offering online and local prospects to sell musical instruments. Determining the ideal platform where you can flip items for profit is important. It links you efficiently with buyers, providing you fetch the best deals.

8. Household Appliances

Just like exercise equipment, household appliances are typically heavy and can take up a fantastic deal of space. That makes sellers extra motivated, giving you the possibility to swoop in a purchase underrated appliances before selling them for a profit.

If the appliances you discover are broken, you’re not out of luck either — a nearby salvage yard or recycling plant will likely be ready to pay for the scrap metal.

By selling a handful of appliances per month, you could make at least a couple hundred dollars or more.

9. Furniture

Redoing furniture at home is a fantastic way to earn extra income. Hunt for low-cost or free items such as tables and chairs at garage sales and economy shops. With invention, these finds can be converted into chic, modern pieces. This process is not only fulfilling but also a wise way to earn.

Specifically, focus on items to purchase, such as mid-century modern furniture and dressers. These items to sell are currently trending and can generate higher profits online. By providing these items a stylish makeover, you make valuable items online, perfect to resell for additional income.

When peeking to make extra income, consider reselling heavy or large utilized items locally. Excellent platforms like Facebook Marketplace are among the finest places to sell to make money. They attract a mix of local and distant buyers, facilitating the selling approach. Your unique pieces will quickly find a new home with this process, maximizing your profit margin.

10. Vehicles

Are you a car (or RV or truck) specialist who has decent mechanical skills and doesn’t shy away from negotiation? Then you could be earning thousands of dollars each month by selling habituated vehicles.

The type of vehicles you sell can vary greatly. For instance, if you live in an area comprehended for its outdoor activities, then it could be the most lucrative to sell ATVs or jet skis. But if you live in a region with lots of commuters, then selling cars could net you more increased profits.

No matter which kind of vehicle you desire, just be sure to research your state’s auto sale laws and find out how to safeguard yourself as a private seller.

11. Games

The gaming industry is growing in 2024, with vintage games fetching up to $500. Scour secondhand stores, online markets, or even your cellar for these gems. Collectible toys, like vintage action figures and board games, are equally lucrative.

Moreover, trading cards, especially Pokemon, are gaining favor. If you’re not friendly with trading cards, focus on video games and board games rather. Parents often seek secondhand new toys, creating them profitable resale items. Vintage toys are also useful.

For video games, known reselling sites like eBay or Craigslist are your go-to platforms. For high-value or rare games, niche sites like Decluttr or GameFlip offer more useful options of finding the right buyers.

12. Vintage Jewelry

Just like tech products, vintage jewelry elements can pack a lot of value into a small package, making them some of the most useful things to flip for money.

Plus, you can discover such jewelry at a variety of places. Whether you like to scour estate sales, thrift shops, online platforms, flea markets or your own stash of secondhand pieces, you’re confident to find something you can resell for a profit.

Your selling options are adjustable, too, from general digital marketplaces like eBay and Etsy to specialized services like Excellent.

Relying on the quality and quantity of the jewelry you’re able to source, you could make anywhere from a couple hundred dollars per month to a few thousand.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the items to resell online can greatly increase your income. Everyday items like electronics, designer fashion, and collectibles are often the easiest items to resell for profit.

Moreover, the potential to earn up to $500 or more is quite possible. By focusing on in-demand products, you can resell them online efficiently, tapping into a vast pool of eager buyers.

Finally, your journey to financial growth is just a few clicks away. Embrace the chance to resell the best things online. With the right items, you’re not just earning extra cash; you’re mastering the art of the online resale market.

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