The 5 Best Technology Blogs You Should be Following

Technology Blogs is a great way to share your expertise while building a potentially valuable readership. It can help you to document projects, or provide guidance to other web users. You can also monetize your content, or use your blog to market your services.

5 best Technology Blogs:

1. Wirecutter

Founded in 2011 and currently owned by the New York Times, Wirecutter samples all things gear and technology and then features the cream of the crop for your consideration. Its team consists of journalists, researchers and scientists alike, which helps explain the site’s thoroughly broad coverage. If you’re looking for the best of the best products in any given category (meaning everything from printers to computers to camping gear), see what Wirecutter has to say about it and then move forward accordingly. For that reason and more, this is one of the best tech blogs on the Internet.

2. The Verge

More than just one of the best tech publications, The Verge is arguably the foremost authority on contemporary products and trends. Owned by Vox Media, the legendary tech blog seems to get its hands on literally every gadget, frequently before that gadget is released or even completed. In return for such unparalleled access, The Verge offers extensive coverage and no shortage of personal perspective. Accordingly, their reviews help make or break the future of technology itself.


Following the latest in consumer technology with steadfast precision is CNET, one of the best tech websites you can find. Like some of the other best tech blogs on this list, CNET stays one step ahead of the curve by getting its hands on all sorts of incredible products, and offering unbiased reviews. That’s joined by instructional videos, trusty guides and up-to-the-minute news on everything from science to sports.

 4.The Next Web

To help publicise a self-started tech conference in 2006, two dudes named Boris and Patrick created a website called The Next Web (or TNW). The event came and went, but the site continued to evolve, soon becoming one of the best technology blogs on the Internet. Nowadays, TNW is a full blown media company and formidable resource for all things tech and beyond, proving just how far an idea can travel with the right minds behind it.


No list of the best tech websites is complete without Wired. The massively popular publication makes good on its name by being tapped in to every nook and cranny of the tech world, additionally being no stranger to topics like entertainment, culture, science, politics and social media. Comprehensive and informed, Wired is basically your gateway to the modern world itself.

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