Validate an Address with the USPS Address Lookup Tool

USPS Address Lookup Tool

USPS address lookup authorizes you to find addresses, accurate addresses, and verify addresses all based on the United States Postal Service (USPS) formatting policies. Formatting addresses according to USPS policies not only guarantees that mail and packages get delivered to the correct places but also that delivery is as fast as possible.

USPS Address Format

The U.S. Postal Service uses a familiar format for all U.S. addresses. While you might assume you know how to format an address actually, we’re pretty confident some of these procedures will be news to you! 

Residential addresses, for instance, are formatted as follows:

Addresses should be in all caps to bypass any confusion. Remember the apartment or suite number if usable. Utilize valid USPS acronyms and abbreviations without the use of times. Additionally, do not utilize a comma with the city and state or otherwise. Rather, space once between city and state and twice between state and zip code. Ultimately, to ensure the highest accurateness and rate of delivery, use a nine-digit zip code.

Most individuals don’t know the four-digit code associated with their zip codes. So it’s doubtful that you will get clients, leads, and customers to deliver them. However, a USPS address lookup tool can add them for you.

Why Operate USPS Address Validation?

There are several explanations why businesses should think using USPS Address Validation to provide accurate and trustworthy mail delivery. Here are some key points about address and ZIP code data that highlight the significance of address validation:

  • Addresses and ZIP codes can alter over time, with new buildings and modifications to street names and boundaries.
  • The USPS calculates that about 5% of all mail is undeliverable as addressed (UAA).
  • The average business shares a 20% turnover in addresses yearly, making it difficult to maintain accurate data.

By utilizing USPS Address Validation to verify and normalize address information, businesses can guarantee that their mail and packages are delivered to the planned recipient at the right address. This can help to enhance operational efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Validating an Address with the USPS Address Verification tool

One of the most typical ways to validate an address is to use the USPS Address Verification tool. This tool is unrestricted on the USPS website and can be utilized to verify the accuracy of address details and standardize it to fit to USPS formatting rules. Here is a step-by-step direction on how to utilize the USPS Zip Code Lookup tool:

  1. Visit to the USPS Zip Code Lookup tool at
  2. Document the street address, city, and state in the right fields. Note: The more complete and accurate the address details, the more likely the USPS will be able to validate it.
  3. Click “Find.”
  4. Review the results to confirm that the address is accurate and standardized according to USPS formatting controls. If the address is not identified, the tool will provide guidance for correcting it.
  5. To view additional details about the address, click on the “More Information” link next to the result. This will extend the result to show the Delivery Point Validation (DPV) information, which shows whether the address is a valid delivery point according to the USPS.
  6. Make any required corrections to the address and update your records consequently.

By utilizing the USPS Address Verification tool to validate and standardize address details, businesses can help ensure accurate and reliable mail delivery, decrease the cost of returned or undeliverable mail, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Rules of Standard USPS Address Verification

The typical USPS address validation will be more than adequate for your needs as long as you don’t required to verify a fairly large number of addresses. But, as far as companies are worried, they often required to run address verifications regularly.

In circumstances where regular verification of address is needed, just utilizing the standard USPS address verification can hardly be sufficient. This is one of the limitations of traditional USPS address verification. Also, they lack the functional or technical excellence that can be seen in third-party tools.

Another factor where the standard USPS address verification tool lags is that they have a rather inferior system that requires exact and error-free input to verify the address. This means that the standard USPS address verification tool is unable to read through accidental errors such as misspellings. The onus is upon the user that he/she does not make a spelling mistake while entering the address for verification.

Many progressive third-party tools can read via minor misspellings and successfully carry out the verification procedure.


The USPS Postal Address Verification tool is open for free on the USPS website and can be utilized to occasionally verify USPS addresses. Users can enter an address into the tool and obtain standardized address details and delivery point validation results. Also, developers can combine the USPS web API into a website or application to verify and standardize address details in real-time.

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